Betty White's Go-To Snacks Prove She's An Icon

Betty White's comedy, kind-heartedness, seemingly endless positivity, and her work as a pioneer of female television show production and hosting already made her an adored icon. But her relatable favorite foods might make you love her even more.

White lived to be nearly 100 years old, so common logic would suggest that she might be a fan of all things wholesome when it comes to food. But, just like her tongue-in-cheek humor, her diet seems to have often strayed toward quite the opposite. In fact, despite being labeled a "foodie," White's go-to snack to grab when hunger hit was a hot dog.

Her fondness for frankfurters was certainly no secret — she could often be spotted at Pink's, Los Angeles' popular hot dog spot. And while the restaurant offers over 40 toppings for their dogs, White had no interest in garnishing her meal. Instead, she allowed the nine-inch all-beef dog to shine on its own in a plain bun, sans sauces, sauerkraut, or other condiments. Ultimately, her order became a standard menu item, aptly named the "Betty White Naked Dog."

Other food that Betty White loved

It would have been unlikely to catch Betty White out at a breakfast joint since it wasn't her favorite meal of the day, but sandwiches were definitely her jam. And while she rarely made an appearance in her kitchen to prepare meals, there's one that might have required it since it's unlikely to be found on many menus. White's somewhat quirky treat that reminded her of her childhood consisted of simple white bread smeared with peanut butter, then stuffed with bologna and iceberg lettuce (one of the rare green veggies she'd choose to eat).

While that concoction may be a little outside the box, White proved that she's really just like us by putting french fries and potato chips at the top of her list of favorite foods, too. And if you've ever watched "Golden Girls," you may expect that when White had a sweet tooth she'd turned to cheesecake, but in reality, the simple sweet snack she reached for on the regular was Red Vines, a fruity flavored licorice-type candy.

What did Betty White like to drink?

Betty White was known to drink Diet Coke on the set, but occasionally her evenings were punctuated with something a little stronger. While White may not have been a frequent drinker, she did occasionally indulge in a glass or two, with vodka being her spirit of choice. In fact, she belatedly celebrated her 89th birthday with David Letterman on the "Late Show" with a bit of Grey Goose that he produced after she dryly joked that "vodka's kind of a hobby" (per YouTube).

White's preferred cocktail was a simple pour of vodka on the rocks and dressed up with citrus, often lemon or grapefruit. If you're looking to emulate her drinking style, you can easily shake up those two ingredients and serve it over ice. For a bit of a twist, try shaking or stirring up a lemon vodka spritzer, lemon drops, or even a vodka salty dog. Or, for a ready-to-drink version, try infusing the vodka with lemon to have it on hand whenever you need to wash down your hot dog, fries, or Red Vines.