Starbucks' Releases New Merch And Stanley Cup Just In Time For Mother's Day

You can always count on Starbucks to introduce exciting new drinks and merchandise as seasons change and holidays approach. Given that busy moms form a significant portion of the coffee giant's fan base, the company is offering them some beautiful new items to choose from, just in time for Mother's Day.

Continuing with the enormously popular city mug collection, which began in 1994, Starbucks has unveiled its eighth design scheme, dubbed the Discovery Series. Featuring new designs that are bright, playful, and whimsical, the artwork on each mug includes images that evoke the spirit of the represented city. Initially, over 20 cities, states, and Disney locations will be featured, with more to be added over the coming years. Some locations will also offer additional merchandise featuring the designs, such as tumblers, cold cups, and, for the first time ever, travel tote bags. Plus, here's a fun twist: Each mug's design includes a hidden Starbucks to-go cup, reminiscent of "Where's Waldo?"

With the popularity of the Starbucks and Stanley Cup collaboration at an all-time high, Stanley has introduced a new Sky Blue color in the 40-ounce size available at participating Starbucks locations for $49.95. Hopefully, this release won't lead to Black Friday-like lines at Target stores, given its broader availability compared to the infamous Winter Pink color. The soft blue hue is perfect for spring.

Flowers and rainbow colors are new, too

If you're shopping around for gifts and know your mother prefers florals to cityscapes and $50 water bottles, Starbucks has also introduced beautiful coffee mugs and 24-ounce cold cups adorned with exotic plant and floral motifs. The new Mother's Day collection is rounded out with colorful gift cards and two more reusable vessels for hot and cold beverages, these featuring purple and yellow prism designs that are sure to brighten any day.

The complete Mother's Day collection radiates sunshine and the promise of warmer days ahead, perfect for trying the chain's new Lemonade with Lavender Powder. Building on its popular line of lavender-infused drinks, this new offering is a caffeine-free blend of tangy, cold lemonade with the soft, floral notes of the purple shrub.

All the new beverage merchandise may be eligible for Starbucks' bring-your-own-cup policy, depending on the location, so remember to keep your new finds handy for those times when you crave coffee on a whim.