Hamburger Buns Shouldn't Be Your First Choice For Sloppy Joes

Savory and just-sweet-enough Sloppy Joe filling slapped into an untoasted hamburger bun is a classic way to serve this sandwich, but let's face it — it's giving fluorescent-lit cafeterias and anxiety about where to sit. Plus, it's easy for the bread to get soggy and drop out half of the filling. For Joes that don't remind you of lackluster school lunches, turning them into sliders instead is fun, tasty, and practical.

Sloppy Joes are always a bit of a mess to eat, of course, but a miniature version that can be downed in two to three bites keeps the sloppiness to a minimum. You can make the sliders on mini burger buns, dinner rolls, or even sliced cornbread muffins. For an even easier take, reach for a bag of soft and sweet Hawaiian rolls. TikTok user @myfamilydinner shows viewers how to assemble quick Sloppy Joes, with no need to separate the stuck-together rolls until the end.


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Try our 30 minute Sloppy Joe recipe to make these sliders even easier. To prevent too much sogginess, you can toast the halved slabs of Hawaiian rolls in the oven for a few minutes, then assemble the sandwiches. It's not traditional, but a layer of sliced American or cheddar cheese across the bottom of each slider adds some tangy creaminess, and keeps the bread from getting overly saturated with sauce.

There are even more ways use Sloppy Joe filling

Bored with Sloppy Joe filling between bread, even if you change up the bread itself? There are other ways to serve this tasty ground meat sauce. The filling is tomatoey and sweet, with a bit of a vegetal quality from the onions and/peppers, so it provides a milder twist in place of chili on top of a hot dog, over your favorite type of french fries, or in a bag of corn chips to make a Frito Pie. 

Sloppy Joe filling is also one of many unique toppings to make a meal out of baked potatoes. Load an air-fried sweet potato or an oven-baked spud with the meaty sauce, and finish with some extra toppings like sour cream, crispy onions, chopped dill pickles, pickled jalapeños, or diced raw onions. You can also layer the filling in the bottom of a baking dish, top it off with a layer of versatile frozen tater tots, and bake the whole thing in the oven to make the sort of casserole dreams are made of. 

You can also made a classic meaty pasta in a flash by cooking the filling on the stove, then adding in a bag of dry macaroni and a little extra water or broth. Simmer until the noodles are tender, and then melt in some shredded cheese to make a delicious marriage between Sloppy Joes and mac and cheese. 

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