Why It's A Mistake To Ignore The Texas Roadhouse Kids' Menu

If you're looking for a great hack to get more steak and sides for less at Texas Roadhouse, you might want to take a look at ordering off the kids' menu. One TikTok couple scored a haul from the restaurant chain with two kids' meals for under $15 total. They said it was "plenty of food," and suggested using the hack as a way "to eat out more affordably." 

The chain's kids' menu includes offerings such as chicken tenders, mini-cheeseburgers, all-beef hot dogs, and orders of steaks and ribs — all with a side and a drink. But how do the kids' meal portions hold up to the adult-sized servings? The Andy's Steak Ranger Meal (one of the more expensive options on the kids' menu) includes a six-ounce sirloin steak for about $11, depending on location. On the standard menu, the same-sized steak costs $14.49. Both options allow doneness customization and come with side options. The biggest difference between the two is that the adult meal comes with a second side while the kids' meal only includes one but comes with a complimentary beverage.

However, it should be noted this hack will probably only work with takeout orders. Texas Roadhouse offers its kids' meals to diners aged 12 and under and may refuse to serve the discount meals to adults trying to order while dining in.

Are all the kids' meals at the restaurant worth it?

There are several other kid-sized options to choose from. The Ranger Rib Basket costs about $12 while an adult-sized half-slab of ribs costs roughly $18. The Chicken Critters kids' meal is $10 compared to the $14 adult price. The adult-sized Beef Tips meal includes mushrooms, onions, gravy, and sour cream for $16. But if you prefer your steak bites plain and lightly seasoned, the kids' meal is half the price at $8.

When it comes to most kids' meals, social media users praised the hack. One user on X, formerly Twitter, noted the kids' mini burgers are served on the restaurant's house rolls, and called them "better than their actual burgers." Some locations include rolls with takeout orders, but the bread can also be ordered frozen to bake at home.

As a meal, the macaroni and cheese may not be worth it. While a kids' portion may only cost $6, the dish has been criticized by diners who claim it's just cheap boxed mac and cheese — which can be upgraded at home to taste even more delicious for a fraction of the cost.

But if you're still craving the cheesy pasta, Texas Roadhouse offers it as a side, along with salads, mashed potatoes, applesauce, and more. Kids' meals include one side, but some are an additional fee. Adult meals include two, most of which are included — only mac and cheese costs extra.

Other ways to save money at Texas Roadhouse

There are a few other ways to save some money at Texas Roadhouse — one of which still involves ordering a kids' meal. Buy one, get one deals are offered in some restaurants on certain days of the week. The specifics vary by location, but it generally requires diners to purchase one adult-sized meal with a drink. A kids' meal can then be ordered for a discounted price — or it may even be completely free. The details differ by location, so it's best to call ahead and find out prior to dining.

Texas Roadhouse offers a rewards program: The "VIP Club." If you frequently enjoy the restaurant's food, you can register to receive coupons, deals, and promotions for specific menu items. The rewards program can be used on the restaurant's mobile app where diners can also place orders to-go — including the kids' meals.

You can also keep an eye on your local Texas Roadhouse restaurant to stay informed about Happy Hour specials. While some locations will offer discounts on alcoholic beverages at certain times of day, others will slash prices on appetizers like grilled shrimp, pulled pork sliders, and cheese fries. Some restaurants even offer an "Early Dine" option, and customers can order adult-sized meals for reduced prices. As with other promotions, these deals aren't guaranteed to be offered at every restaurant, so call ahead to verify availability.