The Texas Roadhouse Hack That Gets You More Steak (And Sides) For Less

TikTok is nothing if not a haven for food hacks. Whether you're searching for an easy way to juice a lemon or a method for slicing the perfect watermelon rounds, TikTokers have your back. And if you're looking to save some cash on your steak at Texas Roadhouse, TikTok has a tip for that, too.

Texas Roadhouse is already one of the more affordable restaurant chains dedicated to serving steak. But with one simple trick, shared by @aever17 (Ash), who previously worked at the restaurant, fans of filet can get even more juicy steak while saving a few bucks.


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Texas Roadhouse's menu offers its Dallas Filet in cuts of either six or eight ounces. However, the Filet Medallions entree is offered in a nine-ounce size with a price tag comparable to the eight-ounce cut. There's also a choice of sauces — peppercorn or portobello mushroom — to top the medallions, an option not available with the Dallas Filets. Plus, you get an extra side as well because the medallions are served over rice or mashed potatoes, but you can substitute it for another option. If you're in the market for more food for less cash, it seems like a win.

Pros and cons of the Texas Roadhouse hack

The obvious reason this hack is popular is that you're likely to leave the Roadhouse with a fuller belly without lightening your wallet quite as much — plus, you get more variety with the extra side. However, some TikTok users shared their caveats about this hack in the video's comment section.

The primary warning users shared — though this largely depends on personal preference — is that they did not find the quality of the filet medallions on par with the Dallas filet. While filet enthusiasts typically enjoy the cut for its buttery texture, some commenters reported that the medallions were fattier and less appealing texturally. However, while there were a number of naysayers regarding ordering the cut, the negativity was not unanimous — there were plenty of people who swore by the hack as well.

"I got this the last time with the mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, a house salad, and broccoli, and it was amazing!" wrote user @amckry. "Best meal I've had from there!"

Other ways to save money or get more food at Texas Roadhouse

Even if the medallion swap isn't for you, there are other ways to stretch your budget and get a bargain at the steak chain. One of the easiest ways is to take advantage of the free bread and peanuts when dining at the restaurant.

If you're taking your meals home, one of the best ways to save money is by ordering family packs on the app if they're available at your local Texas Roadhouse. Ordering meats and sides in the family pack rather than as individual meals can save a considerable amount of money, and there are multiple options for mains, from sirloins and pork chops to chicken.

Whether you're dining in or taking out, if you're in the mood for ribs, you can also save money by ordering the rib appetizer instead of an entree-sized portion. While the rib entree does come with two sides, the appetizer is still served with fries.

Finally, if you're a regular at the Roadhouse, it might be worthwhile to join its VIP Club. Not only do you receive a welcome gift, but you'll also be on the list to receive any special offers that the restaurant dishes out.