TIHS 2024: Our Favorite Products For Home Cooks

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Regardless of whether you're committed to a pared down kitchen or constantly in search of a niche gadget, home cooks may find themselves tempted by The Inspired Home Show (TIHS) 2024's exhibitors. Some of these gadgets could find a place in your daily rotation, making washing up dishes or measuring out ingredients into far easier tasks. Other products are perfect for the consummate host, the baker who always volunteers to bring a snack, and the family member on cleaning duty.

After three days at TIHS, Food Republic compiled a list of some of our favorite products for home cooks, which includes helpful measuring tools, intriguing technologies, and charming bakeware and accessories. Although this is just scratching the surface of the show — we also uncovered some of the best grilling and BBQ accessories at TIHS 2024 — here are six items handpicked to add fun, utility, and greater flexibility to your kitchen.

1. Dash SmartStore 16 Piece Measuring Set

On occasion, we've been guilty of misplacing our ¼ cup or tablespoon scoop. Realizing a measure or two has gone missing is a terrible feeling in the midst of preparing a complex recipe. That's where the highly organized SmartStore set comes in.

Every single item has its place in a clear plastic canister, making it possible for even the busiest households to keep the scoops and spoons within reach. The pastel-colored set is designed to nestle into a liquid measuring cup. It comes with four dry measuring cups, a juicer, a funnel, an egg separator, and a sifter, which all stack together, as well as six measuring spoons that fit into the cup, a leveler, and a top.

2. MadeSmart Everything Over the Sink Station

Nominated for a Global Innovation Award (GIA), this over-the-sink storage station allows cooks to store, rinse, chop, and scrub in one go. Its wings rest on the sides of the sink basin and can expand to fit different-sized spaces. The components themselves are removable, which gives users more flexibility as they meal prep over the sink. The makers, MadeSmart, describe it as a "one-of-a-kind" sink station.

The base of the equipment is a dish rack for easy drying, but you can also stack a cutting board on top to break down all your freshly washed produce. Flanking the rack is a colander attachment and a container with a top. That means wet fruits and veg can drip dry, undergo a quick slice, and rest in a container while you move through the pile. For those with limited space, this could make a tiny apartment sink feel downright palatial — and keep countertops dry.

3. Brod & Taylor Baking Shell

Look sharp, cast iron, because Brod & Taylor's new baking shells are making waves. The cloche covers and flat bases are designed for easy bread baking without the planning and hassle that can come with using a Dutch oven. The aluminum shells rapidly absorb heat while containing steam, eliminating the need for a slow preheat.

At TIHS, the team had both a loaf shape and rounded boule shell on display, paired with the company's bread steel sheet. Michael Taylor, president of the company, was quick to point out how easy the two tools are to use and move. "It takes the stress out of baking," he added. What stood out to us, however, was the weight. At just over 1 pound, the rectangular cloche is a stark contrast from our usual cast iron bakers.

4. Beväge Pro

Whiskey does get better with age until about the 15-year mark, making this quirky product a welcome addition for cooks who enjoy savoring a stiff drink. The decanter, electronic base, and spinning device work together to aerate spirits and wines. Beväge describes the process as rapid aging, claiming it can add up to a decade of nuance and sophisticated flavor in a handful of minutes.

This is a handy tool for hosts and entertainers, as well as those on a liquor budget, as the tool mellows drinks that are rough around the edges. The stand is also easy to operate with the touch of a button, but more eye-grabbing is the whirling liquid inside the glass decanter. When you're ready to serve, pour liquids through the accompanying sediment strainer and cover the carafe with its dedicated glass stopper.

5. Fante's Uncle Mario's Supreme Pasta Machine

This sleek machine answers a need among those who use a manual pasta maker. The matte black product, set to debut in June from Harold Import Company (HIC), has a thoughtful feature: a suction cup bottom. Instead of attaching the usual clamp to secure the machine to the countertop, the flip of a lever seals the base to your workspace. This is helpful for anyone unable to clamp a machine onto their counter, plus it prevents wiggling as you crank.

Melinda Quinn, international account manager at HIC, points out that Fante's machine is made with stainless steel throughout its rolling and slicing mechanisms, unlike other companies that use tin. The features underwent rounds and rounds of testing to ensure the trickiest aspect, the size adjusters, functioned seamlessly. The wide rollers are also better equipped to handle lasagne sheets and slice various strand shapes, like lemon pappardelle.

6. Cupcake Creations Baking Cups

Although Cupcake Creations' baking cups are not new items at TIHS — sales associate Wanda Correa said the company has claimed the same spot at the show for years — this year's releases include new seasonal designs. For cooks meeting up for outdoor gatherings or responsible for school bake sales, this means more options for holiday designs. Halloween pumpkins, Día de Muertos illustrations, and Valentine's Day hearts were among the offerings.

The liners are three times stronger than other paper options, according to Correa, and are able to stand up without the support of a muffin tin. You can bake cupcakes and other treats directly on a sheet pan. When asked about potential savory uses, Correa and President Audrey Siegel were quick to name meatloaf with sweet potato icing as one of the most creative bites they've seen.