The Best Grilling And BBQ Accessories We Found At TIHS 2024

Every grilling enthusiast has their own routine to ensure success. Some swear by the kiss of smoke from their charcoals, while others turn to the precision and speed of propane. Regardless of your cooker of choice, you may encounter a few quirks and hiccups in the cooking process that can turn a simple cookout into a frustrating affair.

Manufacturers and big thinkers are well aware of the limits of grill-top cooking. At The Inspired Home Show 2024, brands showed off a variety of helpful gear to make the experience easier and more fun. High-tech meat thermometers made us itch to set a brisket on the grill and forget it, while a Dolly Parton-themed cast iron tickled our funny bones.

Regardless of whether you're regularly throwing fanks over the coals or occasionally testing out the best fruits for the grill, you'll find this equipment can help make the experience easier and more memorable.

1. ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer

The latest generation of digital thermometers is here, and home cooks should take note. Gone are the days of lost signals and being tethered to the grill. The ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer retails for $139.99 and includes three probes that can connect simultaneously via an app to monitor the meat. Makers bill the device as having unlimited range, meaning that, through a combination of WiFi and Bluetooth, you can connect and walk away from your setup. The team also claims it's the first truly wireless meat thermometer.

We spoke with Jason Zhang, product manager and managing director for the brand, who points out another helpful feature of the tool: long battery life. The stand itself is also weatherproof. This makes it a reliable addition to outdoor adventures, camping, and any other cookouts away from home. Zhang adds that the thermometer is good for "both beginners and professionals," including barbecue competition entrants who rely on precise measurements to tend to their meats. Home cooks can link to up to 9 probes at once, making it easier to cook for a party and pay attention to guests at the same time.

2. Mr. Bar-B-Q 20155Y Oversized Spatula

Fish is one of the more challenging proteins to throw on the barbie because it's apt to fall apart. Large fillets weld themselves to the metal grates and tear when ambitious chefs go to flip them. Among our favorite tips to keep fish from sticking to the grill is the suggestion to use a fish spatula to encourage the flesh to release.

Another idea is to use the Mr. Bar-B-Q 20155Y Oversized Spatula. The extra-wide slotted steel tool looks easy to maneuver under finicky seabass and salmon without the usual wrist gymnastics required when using a fish turner. It might come in handy when scooping up multiple patties, too. Wendy Sender, senior director of houseware, said, "It's good for steak, fish, burgers, anything that's oversized."

It's one of the company's biggest sellers, according to Sender, who describes it as a "basic essential" and a "must-have" for beginners and experienced grillers alike. "You can grill so much with it."

3. Peugeot BBQ pepper mill

Though not strictly necessary for a successful meal, a dedicated pepper grinder designed for the outdoors makes for a fun accessory. Peugeot's BBQ Pepper Mill is a new release from the storied brand. It's specifically constructed for durability and to hang off the side of a grill, and the grey exterior features varnished wood grain designed to withstand the elements.

Its innovation, however, is its built-in flashlight. The light activates when the manual grinder is tilted into the seasoning position and turns off once vertical. For those who finish dinner late or start their smoked foods before dawn, the LED could offer a helpful look at the prepared proteins.

Janis Faciszewski, West Coast sales director for the brand, also points out the size of the grinder. Its large capacity means it can hold plenty of peppercorns without needing a constant refill. Her colleague, Sidney Venelklase, marketing manager, also points out that the mill is drop-proof. "It's a great tool and a great gift," Venelklase said. Though the design differs slightly from other grinders with visual cues to show the grind size, users can simply twist the metallic top knob for more coarse or fine seasoning.

4. Dolly Parton-inspired cast iron

If there's one celebrity who can finagle an invite to almost any cookout, we would guess globally renowned country singer Dolly Parton is it. The artist joined forces with Lodge Cast Iron to release a series of round skillets featuring Parton's silhouette, butterflies, and lyrics, as well as an actual guitar-shaped mini-skillet. Although they're beautiful, they're fully functional and can take the heat.

Cast iron pans are a boon for beginner grillers since they can go straight on the grate to heat up and then offer a contained, flare-up-free space for easy maneuvering. The material also retains heat, making it a great vessel for indirect cooking, as well as a safe space for delicate ingredients and small bites that would otherwise slip through the cracks. Pair veggies and proteins with Parton's game-changing ingredient for tangy coleslaw — pickles — for a well-rounded meal.

The pans came to be, in part because of the "Tennessee connection," Carey Garland, Director of Marketing for the collaboration, explains. Parton was born in the same town as one of Lodge's facilities, and the two have been aware of each other for a while. As for the inspiration behind the designs, the pieces "reflect Dolly's love of music." This includes the butterfly imagery, which Garland explains, "have a lot of meaning in Dolly's songs."