The Texas Roadhouse Hack That Makes Meal Prep Painless

If you're shopping for dinner on a budget, Texas Roadhouse just might have you covered — so long as you don't mind eating the same meal a few days in a row. The steakhouse chain offers a takeout family meal that is designed to serve a few different people. But if you're meal prepping solo, you can divide it up and refrigerate your leftovers to create a few different lunches or dinners for the week.

Each takeout combo contains four servings of meat, a few choices of sides and sauces, and the chain's iconic bread rolls, which can also be ordered frozen. You can then divide everything into individual-sized portions. Since the meal is already cooked, you can say goodbye to prep time. Leftover steak and chicken will stay fresh in the fridge for three to four days, or the meats can be frozen for up to six months.

Pricing for the bundle changes depending on what kind of meat you want, and it may vary by location. Some have reported their chicken-based meals cost $30 while others say that $40 is the norm. At $40 per meal deal, four separate meals will run you around $10 each — not bad for a cut of protein with sides cooked and ready to go. But if you want to change it up, there are a few different options to order.

What's included in each order?

The standard kit comes with four six-ounce sirloin steaks, four bread rolls, and your choice of two different sides for somewhere around $40. For the same price, the budget-friendly cuts of steak can be swapped for grilled chicken breast. Or, if you'd prefer to enjoy a mix of both proteins, the combo with two chicken breasts and two sirloin steaks will cost roughly $45. Pricier proteins include ribs, other cuts of steak, and pork chops.

The Texas Roadhouse menu features a few different sides to order. If you crave a little starch with your protein, potatoes can be ordered in two different ways: mashed or sliced into steak fries. Vegetable options include buttered corn and green beans. The restaurant's seasoned rice, which has been praised by diners online, is also an option.

The meal is completed with its famous bread and a large salad. Each order also includes gravy and cinnamon butter as well as two different sauces: your choice of BBQ, ranch, honey mustard, hot, or mild sauce. While this may seem like a great value for the money, some diners have reported that it can be difficult to find a location that honors the special.

The combo can be bought at select locations

This bundle doesn't appear to be available at every location. According to some online speculation, a few customers have been turned down when they tried to order. One user wrote that they inquired at their local Texas Roadhouse, and were told the deal was introduced in 2020 when many restaurants only offered takeout meals. After locations opened back up for dine-in options, the special was removed from menus. Still, it looks like certain Texas Roadhouse restaurants kept the option. For those who can't order the combo, there is a hack to order more steak and sides for less, so you can still take home leftovers.

For those who have been able to order the food, however, the combo has been praised. In a TikTok video, user brianneboston called herself a "huge fan" of using the combo to meal prep. Another user, foundurmatcha, shared her own TikTok video and said the meal was "so worth the $40." The meal combo isn't listed on the Texas Roadhouse website, so you'll need to call or stop at your local restaurant to inquire about the order. If the option is available, the budget meal may just be worth it to make your meal prep a little easier.