The Easiest Grocery Store Return Policies To Use

It can be quite frustrating to discover defects with your groceries after you've already paid and left the store. Whether you encounter a foul smell upon opening a bag of potato chips or notice a dent in your can of soup, many stores offer refunds for unsatisfactory items. While it's reasonable to be particular about the quality of your food, you might prefer shopping at stores with a straightforward return policy for peace of mind.

The items eligible for return can vary depending on the store's location. For instance, some states do not allow stores to issue refunds on alcohol purchases. Other supermarket chains might require all returns to be uneaten and unopened, leaving you out of luck if you discover hidden imperfections or poor tastes in packaged products. Some stores may also require a receipt for returning items. Fortunately, there are several shops that simplify the process of getting your money back, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's never offers discounts on its food, but its lenient return policy ensures that unhappy customers can get their money back. The store allows returns for full refunds with or without receipts — though you may only receive an even replacement or store credit without one.

Even if you've already consumed the product, you can still return the packaging if it isn't up to your standards. However, this policy can be abused if customers are dishonest — so it's important not to make a habit of returning items you actually enjoyed just to get a few bucks back.


Wegmans aims to ensure you are satisfied with your purchases, so the store offers replacements for any unsatisfactory products, no questions asked. If you prefer a refund, you need only to bring the receipt and the product to the customer service desk. Without proof of purchase, the store provides a gift card valued at the item's lowest sale price, up to $25 — above that, the store may require your Shoppers Club account and ID before issuing a refund.


Aldi allows customers 90 days to return store-brand items they're unhappy with, even if they've been opened and partially consumed. So when you aren't liking your impulse snack purchase as much as you'd hoped, you can take advantage of the "Twice as Nice" return policy.

If the food is less than perfect, the store will offer a fresh package in addition to a refund. With a receipt, customers can receive a cash refund; without one, a gift card equal to the item's current price is provided.


Costco has a pretty easy-going return policy. There's no set time limit for food returns. If you have at least half of the item left, you can initiate a return in-store or online. A receipt isn't necessary, as purchases can be tracked by card. If the price of an item drops after you buy it, you can request a partial refund for the difference.

There are a few exceptions, such as rice and significantly expired food. And if you decide to cancel your Costco membership, there are no restrictions on refunds. Simply visit the customer service desk and request to cancel your card.


If you primarily shop for groceries at Target, the store accepts returns up to 90 days after purchase. Using a Target RedCard extends the return period an extra 30 days, totaling 120 days. For Target-branded items, the return window extends to a year.

The store allows returns in person with or without receipts — employees can look up the transaction with the card used for purchase. Returns can also be made via mail or using the drive-up service at the store.