The Easy Tortilla Trick For Satisfying Egg Quesadillas

Gone are the days of complaining there's no time to make a hearty breakfast in the morning. This clever hack uses a flour tortilla to make an egg and cheese quesadilla that's easy and delicious. It's similar to TikTok's egg sandwich that went viral a bit ago, which was inspired by the egg and bread omelets sold by street vendors in India. 

In the same manner, this trick is completely customizable and comes together quickly in one pan, reducing prep and cleanup time, which can be really useful on busy mornings. Since the egg and cheese cook right into the tortilla, there's no chance of the fillings slipping out the back when you take a bite, making the meal portable, too.


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To make an egg quesadilla, you'll first want to scramble a few eggs in a bowl and season them with salt and pepper and prepare in a nonstick skillet like you're making an omelet. Top with shredded cheese and a flour tortilla and use a spatula to flip it all so the eggs are on top. Then, fold together after you have added your desired fillings for the tastiest breakfast ever.

Tips for making an egg quesadilla

Before getting started, it's important to choose the right frying pan size when preparing an egg quesadilla to ensure none of the filling spills out, especially if you plan to eat the meal with your hands. You should choose a frying pan or skillet roughly the same size as the flour tortilla. At many stores, you can find flour tortillas from 4 inches (perfect for a snack) to 12 inches. If the pan is too large, fold the omelet's edges inward before adding the tortilla. 

Since eggs tend to stick, we suggest using a nonstick skillet for this trick, but a little butter or oil wouldn't hurt and will also help the outside crisp. If you prefer using corn tortillas, heat them first so they're more pliable since cold corn tortillas tend to crack. You can just place them in the microwave for a few seconds or heat them directly on a gas burner for a smokey taste.

Unlike preparing a traditional omelet, this egg quesadilla hack is very easy to flip since the eggs cook directly into the tortilla's surface. Still, if you are struggling, cover the frying pan with a large dinner plate, flip the contents onto the plate, and then slide the tortilla back into the frying pan to cook the other side.

Tasty breakfast quesadilla variations

Eggs are delicious any time of day, so this idea doesn't need to be limited to breakfast. You could vary your fillings and transition this hack for a quick weeknight dinner, too. Since the dish comes together so quickly, it's best to have all your ingredients lined up before you start, however. Ensure any added meat is fully cooked, or use slices of deli meat for a time-saving option that could make a delicious egg, ham, and cheese quesadilla.

Similarly, if you don't want your veggies to taste raw, sautè them first so they soften a bit. Better yet, this is an excellent opportunity to clean out the fridge and use leftover peppers, onions, or any side dish you had earlier in the week (like meaty mushrooms). Its triangular shape begs to be dipped into something creamy like sour cream and guacamole, like a quesadilla version of eggs Benedict.

When it comes to the cheese, since it acts like glue holding everything together, pick a melting variety like American, mozzarella, Gruyère, provolone, Taleggio, or raclette. Giada De Laurentiis makes an Italian version of a quesadilla using fontina and grated Parmesan cheese, which gives the dish a nutty flavor. She tops the cheese with caramelized onions, roasted red peppers (from a jar), prosciutto, and Italian parsley, all of which would be great here.

Looking for more options? Try TikTok's egg tacos, which Gordon Ramsay loves. Or, if you don't want to dirty a skillet, TikTok's toaster quesadilla hack is a great idea, too.