The TikTok Egg Tacos Gordon Ramsay Adores

Gordon Ramsay did not become famous for having a complimentary, encouraging kind of personality, but even he has only good things to say in a stitch reaction to the tacos that took over TikTok. In just the few seconds that we see of the original 17-second viral video shared by recipe developer Grace Elkus, it is easy to understand why this celebrity and millions of TikTokkers are obsessed.


#duet with @graceelkus You know I love an #egg but #feta eggs….they’re Next Level ! #biteof2023 #YearonTikTok #friedeggs

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In Elkus' recipe, a fried egg is cooked directly into a fluffy pool of feta, cooked until the edges of the cheese have crisped and the yolk is runny, then plopped onto an avocado-laden tortilla. The result is a crave-worthy combination of different textures. If you have not yet tried cooking with feta, this is your sign to add more of this creamy, salty cheese into your life. It pairs perfectly with the rich flavor of the egg, the creamy spread of avocado, and the charred taste of the tortilla — and Gordon Ramsay agreed.

How to make crispy cheesy eggy tacos

To start, heat a skillet on the stovetop and sprinkle crumbled feta to cover its surface, leaving an egg-shaped hole in the middle. (Don't worry about adding butter or oil to the pan — the fat in the cheese helps prevent it from sticking.) Crack an egg into the center of the skillet so that it is surrounded by a ring of melting feta. Season with salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, or your other favorite spices. Get creative! Mint and parsley go well together with salty feta, but basil and chives — or rosemary and a drizzle of honey could work well too.

As the egg cooks, prepare your tortilla. It is up to you where you fall on the flour versus corn tortillas debate — either one works for this recipe. You can microwave the tortilla for a few seconds if you prefer it soft and warm, or toast it in a pan if you like it slightly crispy. Once the yolk has cooked as you like it, and the feta has become brown and crunchy, carefully transfer the cheesy egg onto your tortilla and enjoy immediately. Avocado and lime optional.

International inspiration for your tacos

Once you have learned how to fry an egg in feta, you can have fun experimenting with different flavor combinations to make this recipe your own. If you are wondering where to start, try taking inspiration from the international origins of this dish. Two of the main ingredients in this dish — tortillas and feta — come from distant places. While the culinary traditions tied to tortillas can be traced back thousands of years near modern-day Mexico, feta has been eaten in Greece for millennia. For a little additional flavor, you can draw on classic ingredients used in Mexican and Greek cuisines.

If you're interested in exploring the foods of Latin America, you can add a layer of roasted pureed squash, cooked beans, or avocado to your egg taco for something extra creamy and more substantial. Top with salsa roja or pico de gallo to add some heat. If you'd like to explore Mediterranean food, sprinkle in some chopped olives or fresh herbs, such as oregano, dill, or mint.