Chicago's 187th Birthday Inspires $187 Hot Dog And Cocktail

Facebook doesn't remind you about your city's birthday, so there's a good chance you don't know it or celebrate it. However, in the case of Chicago, Illinois, one local hotel is planning something special when The Windy City turns the big 1-8-7 on March 4, 2024. The Pendry Hotel will be ringing in the special occasion with a specially curated meal combination that pays homage to one of Chi-town's most iconic bites: the Chicago dog.

But, instead of the traditional and recognizable Chicago hot dog assembly featuring a poppyseed bun bursting with a beef frank, neon green relish, pickled sport peppers, tomato, yellow mustard, a pickle spear, chopped white onion, and celery salt, the Pendry is thinking way outside of the box with more luxurious inspiration. 

The combo, which will only be on the menu from March 1 through March 4, will feature a French boudin blanc sausage topped with black truffle mustard, seared foie gras, and a porcini mushroom rye crumble in a poppy seed bun. It will be served with an equally impressive Old Fashioned cocktail made with Maker's Mark Cellar Aged Bourbon, Macallan 12-Year Single Malt Scotch, and gold-flecked Luxardo cherries. This once-in-a-lifetime lunch will cost a whopping $187.

It's no ordinary Chicago dog

The Pendry Chicago Hotel is no stranger to luxury. The four-star property located on Chicago's coveted Michigan Avenue (also known as the Magnificent Mile) delights its guests with vibes that exude old-school, art deco inspiration mixed with modernity. The hotel's Bar Pendry, where the $187 hot dog combo will be available, will also serve another combination for those who don't want to fork out almost $200 for a celebratory birthday lunch, and it sounds equally delicious. 

For $28, diners can also opt for a hot dog served on Japanese milk bread with truffle gouda fondu, dill pickled green tomato, and truffle mustard aioli served with an Old Fashioned made with Uncle Nearest Rye, Angostura bitters, and Demerara sugar.

Both hot dog meals are a far stretch from the humble origins of the Chicago dog, which the late Anthony Bourdain called the best in the world. It was known as a "Depression sandwich" in the 1930s because it was cheap and offered a lot of calories for those going through hard times. While some may consider the latest gesture over-the-top, the Pendry's contribution to Chicago's birthday is certainly original and festive. After all, how many times does one turn 187-years-old?