What You Can Do With Leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip

Spicy, cheesy, and deliciously zesty, homemade buffalo chicken dip brings together all the flavors from multiple much-loved appetizers in one creamy, gooey bowl of goodness. It's the ultimate game-day snack and perfect for parties. But if you've got some leftovers after a get-together or potluck, you may be wondering what to do with it all, beyond just serving it with chips or cut vegetables.

The good news is that buffalo chicken dip lasts pretty well since the meat in it is already cooked; it will keep fine for three or four days in the refrigerator. But once you start getting creative with how you use up the leftovers, you may find that it doesn't actually last all that long at all because there are so many ways to incorporate the dip into other favorite dishes.

From snacks, appetizers, and light lunches to heartier family dinners, buffalo chicken dip can be an incredibly versatile addition with almost endless variety. So much so that it's almost worth making a bigger batch to begin with so that there are leftovers every single time. Slap it on a baked potato to make a meal, make buffalo chicken zucchini boats, or use it in snacks or as a pizza topping.

Leftover buffalo chicken dip can elevate snacks and sandwiches

With the tangy taste of buffalo wings, leftover buffalo chicken dip makes a great filling for crispy quesadillas. Simply sandwich leftover dip between flour tortillas and add a little extra shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack before pan-frying the quesadillas for a quick yet flavor-packed snack. Or use the creamy concoction to make loaded nachos; all that's required is to layer the dip between tortilla chips with shredded cheese in an oven-proof dish, bake it until bubbling, and top it with jalapeños for extra heat.

Try tacos stuffed with leftover buffalo chicken dip, either served soft, or fried and crispy. Or go for saucy buffalo subs by using leftover dip as a filling for the rolls, along with pickles, hot peppers, onions, and perhaps some more cheese to really ramp up the flavor and offer a variety of soft and crunchy textures.

Or why not fuse two absolute classics by making grilled cheese with buffalo dip? Just add a layer of the chicken mix along with your favorite blend of meltable cheeses onto bread for the sandwich, and try using mayo (not butter) for the crispiest grilled cheese. The cheese and chicken melt together beautifully for a creative yet comforting treat, and you can add even more savory flavors by crumbling a little blue cheese into the mix or adding some crunch with chopped celery.

Transform pizza, pasta, and potatoes with buffalo chicken dip

While sandwiches and snacks work perfectly if you only have a small amount of buffalo chicken dip left over, you can also use it to enhance bigger family feasts if you have a large amount to use. Try spreading the dip on pizza dough, with extra shredded mozzarella cheese and hot sauce, and then baking it for a satisfyingly spicy pizza. Drizzle it with ranch for extra tanginess. Or it could equally be used as a tasty topping for flatbreads.

The dip works well with pasta dishes, too. Want a guaranteed family favorite? Combine the creamy chicken mix with mac and cheese for a real crowd-pleaser. The tangy taste cuts through the richness of the cheesy sauce for an explosion of flavor. Or use the dip to stuff pasta shells before topping with a blend of cheeses and baking, for a buffalo chicken hit with every bite.

And any leftover dip also makes a natural pairing with potatoes. Try it as a filling for savory, cheesy loaded potato skins. Or for the ultimate treat, heap some heated dip onto a pile of golden french fries; you can always serve them topped with crumbled blue cheese and crispy bacon pieces, and accompany it all with a fresh green salad to make it a full meal.