Bobby Flay Says Chili Is The Worst Super Bowl Food

There's no doubt that Bobby Flay appreciates a good game day feast — after all, he did return this year to host The Players Tailgate, a star-studded culinary celebration leading up to the big game in Las Vegas. But when it comes to Super Bowl snacking, there is one dish the celebrity chef wishes his football party hosts would skip: chili.

As yummy as he may typically find a hearty and spicy batch of the stuff (especially when paired with some good ol' fashioned cornbread), Flay just can't get behind the idea of serving it at a Super Bowl soiree. The Food Network star shared his thoughts with Sirius XM radio, which posted the clip on Instagram this Sunday ahead of the game. "I think the most controversial dish for a Super Bowl is chili," Flay declares in the video. He goes on to explain that everyone has their own version of the dish, which, bluntly put, means that it runs the risk of being "not that great." Beyond judging it on its ability to impress his professional palate, Flay says chili just isn't what he craves while he's cheering for his favorite team.

Flay is right: Chili is not a great game day snack

Sorry chili fans, but Flay is totally correct here. Let's be honest, the perfect Super Bowl spread is grazeable, portable, and easy enough to eat with one hand while the other holds a beer or pumps the air after a touchdown. While it may be delicious, and the perfect comfort food for many other occasions, chili just isn't the ideal snack for a night of yelling at the television. For one thing, try balancing a hot bowl of chili on your lap while you're elbow-to-elbow with your friends on the couch. 

Given the very high likelihood that you and/or your seatmate may jump up at any moment, there's a strong chance that your steaming bowl is going to end up on the floor. And who wants to miss the big plays while cleaning up a mess? Additionally, a good game day gathering is all about snacking on a variety of bites — not getting bogged down by one particularly hearty meal that leaves you too full to enjoy anything else.

So we'd suggest taking Flay's advice and avoiding the chili whenever you've got sports viewing on the agenda. Instead, you might want to stick to the classic bites Flay says he'd rather see on a Super Bowl menu. "I do want some nachos, I do want some chicken wings, I do want some sliders," he goes on to say in the video. "But I want them to be good." We think that's one caveat we can all agree with.