Add Cottage Cheese To Scrambled Eggs And Thank Us Later

Scrambled eggs are one of those breakfast dishes that sounds simple, but in fact, there are countless tips that claim to produce the best results. Martha Stewart's scrambled eggs rely on clarified butter while others believe that the key to soft scrambled eggs is a little bit of acid. But if you've not yet tried scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, then you're missing a trick.

Essentially made from milk and an acid, cottage cheese understandably goes so well with eggs. The soft cheese, known for its lumpy texture — which can be off-putting to some people though others adore it — is created when curds (made by adding an acid to milk) are mixed with cream. And when combined with eggs, that blend of creaminess and a touch of tangy acidity boosts both the flavor and texture of the scrambled eggs.

Cheesy eggs are always delicious any time of day, but cottage cheese also has the added benefit of being naturally high in protein, and often containing fewer calories than a lot of cheeses. When added to eggs, it makes for a filling yet light and tasty breakfast or snack that's also incredibly easy to make.

Cottage cheese adds extra protein and a creamy texture

One of the reasons cottage cheese is so popular on social media is for its high protein content. Half a cup has about as much protein as found in three eggs. So adding some to scrambled eggs is an easy and effective way to increase the amount for a protein-packed start to the day.

But it's not just about helping to hit your macros. Cottage cheese also adds a rich, velvety taste to eggs thanks to its cream content while also adding extra texture. It can simply be stirred through the beaten eggs as they start to firm in a hot buttered skillet, perhaps with a few chopped chives for a boost of flavor and color. Or if you really dislike that lumpy texture of the cheese, then try blending it with eggs and seasoning in a blender before cooking for a smoother result.

If you're not such a fan of scrambled eggs, then cottage cheese can also be used in other egg dishes, such as mixed into an omelet or pancakes. Or try mixing cottage cheese with beaten egg, heating it until nearly set, and folding the thin layer of omelet around sliced or grated hard cheese to make a filling for a brilliant breakfast sandwich. Because more cheese is always a good thing — and eggs and cheese are perfect partners, pairing together in so many ways.

More ways to elevate scrambled egg dishes with cheese

Cottage cheese is not the only cheese to enhance a dish of scrambled eggs. Other cheeses, such as sharp cheddar, Monterey Jack, or Swiss cheese also work well. Or try mixing things up with goat cheese, feta, fresh ricotta, or cream cheese. When you should add cheese to scrambled eggs depends on the cheese; hard cheeses such as shredded cheddar can be added once the eggs have begun to set, and stirred through as they finish cooking for a soft, melty texture — while crumbly feta or goat cheese can be mixed through once the eggs are cooked.

The cheesy scrambled eggs can be made into more of a meal or special brunch with any number of other additions, from onions or mushrooms to smoked salmon or ham. Try flavor combos such as mozzarella with kale, or spinach with parmesan to take your scrambled eggs to the next level. Or pack the cheesy scrambled eggs with a selection of fillings into a tasty breakfast burrito.

And cheese goes well in other dishes beyond scrambled, too. Try an omelet, egg bake, or frittata with your favorite cheese or blend of cheeses — and don't forget the cottage cheese! And let's not forget the TikTok's viral fried eggs with feta. When it comes to eggs and cheese, you can get creative, as the possibilities are as endless as they are delicious.