Nearly 5 Million BlendJets Recalled After Products Catch Fire

BlendJet, the company that makes a line of popular, portable blenders, has issued a voluntary recall of 4.8 million BlendJet 2 models. The company claims that the base portions of the machines can overheat, causing potential fires, and the blades could break off, possibly cutting anyone operating the devices. In addition to the nearly 5 million blenders recalled in the United States, there are approximately 117,000 that were sold in Canada that may be affected.

According to a statement made by BlendJet on its website, the recall doesn't apply to BlendJet 2 models that are currently for sale at retailers, but is focused on older models that may have already been purchased between October 2020 and November 2023. The site contains a link where consumers can enter the serial number (found at the bottom of the device) to find out if the recall affects their specific model.

The company advises everyone who has a BlendJet 2 to stop using it immediately until they can verify if the recall pertains to their device. If so, it will provide the owners with a replacement base and matching lid at no cost as long as they reach out to the company by phone or register their affected product on the company website.

BlendJet will replace affected blender bases for free

BlendJet was founded in 2017 and soon became a revolutionary product for smoothie fans, workout fiends, students, and anyone wanting to mix up a shake, smoothie, or juice on-the-go. The portable blender is rechargeable by USB port so users don't need to track down an electric outlet to use it. Just pop in some ice, fruit, protein powder, or whatever else you'd like to pulverize, and blend. And yes, it makes a mean margarita, too.

However, the issue in the latest recall may stem from the fact that the button that activates the blades sits close to the top of the base piece where the blades sit. So it's easy to see how — if the top came off — this could be a laceration danger. And, because you hold the blending button while gripping the base, the potential overheating could happen with your hand still on the unit.

Because of these dangerous possibilities, it may be worth taking a few minutes to see if your personal BlendJet needs to be replaced. There have already been over 330 reported incidents of broken blades and overheating/fires, including almost 50 reports of minor burns.