Minute Maid To Debut Ready-To-Drink Cocktails In 3 Classic Flavors

For those of us who grew up drinking Minute Maid juice and lemonade, imbibing in a sweet and tangy cocktail is about to become easier and more nostalgic. The brand will be debuting three flavors of fruity alcoholic drinks under the product line name Minute Maid Spiked, reports Just Drinks. The adults-only drinks, described as "flavoured wine cocktails," will have an ABV of 13.9%, though the company has not specified what kind of wine is used in the products. Piña colada, lime margarita, and strawberry daiquiri will be the first flavors released for the ready-to-drink line.

As of writing, an exact date for the release of the drinks has not yet been revealed by parent company Coca-Cola, but the products are expected to hit the market sometime in early 2024, exclusively in the United States. This is not the only drink of its kind from Minute Maid. In partnership with Molson Coors, the brand also brought Simply Spiked Lemonade to the market in 2022, available in strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, and original lemonade flavors.

Make the most of Minute Maid's boozy blends

A ready-to-drink cocktail is great for getting a boozy beverage in your hand with minimal effort. Still, pouring it over ice and drinking it straight it is not your only option. Drinks like these make a great base for fun variations. Top with seltzer or sparkling wine for something fizzy and festive, or amp up the booze factor with tequila or white rum. You can also freeze the beverage in ice cube trays and then blitz in the blender to make a frozen version. Alternatively, you can use your blender to make it into a boozy slushie with extra flavorings.

Minute Maid's Spiked line may also be a great choice for batched cocktails. Load up your punch bowl or pitcher with ice or frozen fruit, and just pour in a couple bottles — the product will reportedly be available in 1.5 liter portions. The extra ingredients and garnishes can dress up a store-bought drink pretty easily. When you get your hands on a bottle in 2024, try adding fresh pineapple to the piña colada flavor, citrus wheels to the margarita blend, and mixed berries to the daiquiri-inspired blend.