The Best Mayo To Use For Tuna, Egg, And Chicken Salad

Whether you like to throw your tuna salad on top of some crisp lettuce, pack your favorite egg salad between your favorite toasted bread, or eat your chicken salad straight out of the bowl, there's no denying that these three easy-to-make dishes always hit just right at lunchtime.

But what if you could be mashing and mixing these salads into something even tastier? As all three are mayonnaise-based dishes, the type of mayo you use to make your tuna, egg, or chicken salad makes all the difference. To get the most flavor out of your meal, you want to reach for the best mayo to complement it — and in this case, that means one that includes MSG, like Kewpie.

Why opt for mayo with MSG? Because MSG gives the mayonnaise an irresistible savory factor, amping up the flavor of tuna, eggs, and chicken by adding a complex, umami-like taste that you won't be able to get enough of.

What is MSG?

Let's be honest, MSG has gotten a bad rap over the years. It often comes with a negative connotation because it was once believed to cause symptoms like headaches, numbness, and chest pain. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, researchers have found no definitive proof or clear link between MSG consumption and the aforementioned side effects. So, what exactly is MSG?

MSG, which stands for monosodium glutamate, is a common food additive that has been used for around a century to enhance flavor. It's a powder-like substance derived from L-glutamic acid, which occurs naturally in various foods, such as fermented foods, tomatoes, and some cheeses. While it is an additive, and some people may choose to stay away from it, the bottom line is that it's an effective flavor enhancer. Its unique, savory, mouthwatering taste is what sets mayonnaise with MSG apart from those without it, and what makes it a great pairing with meats and proteins. Kewpie Mayonnaise is one of the most popular, mainstream mayo brands that contains MSG, but you could also buy a bottle of MSG and sprinkle it into your mayo yourself.

Get the most out of your mayo with MSG

There's a reason why Kewpie mayo wins the condiment game. This Japanese mayonnaise, along with other MSG-mayo brands or concoctions, tends to be a favorite among many professional chefs because the addition of umami transforms its flavor into something special that can't be matched by other store-bought brands. So, what else can MSG-mayo elevate besides tuna, eggs, and chicken?

Aside from other related uses like potato salad or deviled eggs, the sky is really the limit when it comes to using MSG-mayo. This flavor-infuser works wonderfully to elevate any dish where you'd typically use mayo, especially when you want to pack that extra savory, salty punch. Try it lathered on the bun to spruce up your favorite burger recipe, or spread on slices of bread before grilling for a crispy, umami grilled cheese. It also enhances various dips and dressings, whether it's a warm, savory artichoke dip or a creamy, flavorful Caesar. You can even use it in marinades for meat and fish, adding another layer of depth to your meal.

And since the most popular MSG-mayo brand hails from Japan, the flavorful mayo pairs amazingly with Japanese dishes. Try it as a topping or finisher on anything from fresh sushi and poke bowls to okonomiyaki (savory Japanese pancakes) and deep-fried tempura vegetables, to chicken katsu and kushiyaki (grilled, skewered meat).