Ketchup won’t be the only fancy thing at the new McDonald’s Japanese pop-up, Restaurant M.

That’s right. On July 27, Restaurant M will be dishing out classy, repurposed Mickey D’s classics, such as vichyssoise made of French fries, gelée made of whatever vegetables McDonald’s may have on  hand, triangle-cut patties on toothpicks and a McFlurry-type dessert made with “real blueberries,” according to Kotaku.

Because cutting a patty into a triangle ups the fancy factor.
Because cutting a patty into a triangle ups the fancy factor. (Photo: Sorrida.)

This all sounds a bit like what might happen if the fast-food chain were to sponsor an episode of Chopped.

Exactly 200 lucky (?) customers will be picked online to experience this wild ride of a dinner, at which everything will be served on real dishes with silverware and cloth napkins. We bet you won’t even have to bus your own table.

In a time when fast-casual cuisine is gathering steam via big-name chefs like David Chang, Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi (Eater reports that even Thomas Keller’s new restaurant won’t be as high end as Per Se, although we doubt he’s going casual), McDonald’s seems to be riding the train in the opposite direction. Could this be the start of a fancy fast-food trend? Will Dairy Queen start dishing out Blizzards in martini glasses? Could Burger King serve flame-broiled filet mignon? The true question would then be: Is the world ready for this?