Your Air Fryer Is Key To Cooking S'mores Without A Campfire

Featuring a sweet combination of rich chocolate and fluffy marshmallows melted over a campfire, all sandwiched between squares of honey-flavored graham crackers, s'mores are nothing short of a camping delicacy. However, you don't have to light a fire — or pitch a tent, for that matter — in the wilds of the great outdoors to enjoy this yummy treat. An air fryer will do the trick just fine.


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Leave it to TikTokers to showcase this clever dessert-making hack online. No campfire? No problem. TikTok users like @mackyhland are proving that your trusted mini convection oven is the secret to ooey-gooey s'mores, ready in just a fraction of the time, all from the comfort of your home.

Making them is simple: Just place a few graham crackers into the cooker, top each with a marshmallow, and air fry them at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about two minutes or until the marshmallows turn a deep golden hue. Once done, top each one with a piece of chocolate and another graham cracker, and they're ready to be enjoyed.

Delicious ways to elevate your s'mores

Using an air fryer isn't the only unique way to make this classic campfire treat. There are various other methods to increase the yumminess factor, such as swapping out graham crackers for pretzels, shortbread cookies, Oreos, or even chocolate chip cookies. (Pro tip: You can bake your cookies in the air fryer, too!)

For a fancier twist, replace the standard graham crackers with crispy pizzelle cookies, and opt for white chocolate. If you're an adventurous eater, try adding some chaos to your s'mores game with watermelon slices; if you have a more classic taste palate, strawberries make for the best fruit to layer in delicious s'mores.

You can also switch the milk or dark chocolate for something more exciting, like caramel squares or peanut butter cups. Make your s'mores PB&J style by adding some peanut butter and jam, or try a generous spread of Nutella for an irresistible snack you'll never want to put down.

More air-fried desserts worth trying

S'mores aren't the only dessert that can satisfy a sweet tooth when made in an air fryer. It turns out this miniature cooking machine can whip up just about any sugary concoction you fancy. Use it to bake a small batch of cookies, from chocolate chip to sugar and everything in between. Similar to the s'mores, you can make them in about half the time; however, the only downside is that you'll only be able to fit a few pieces of cookie dough in your air fryer drawer at a time.

Air fryer cannolis? Absolutely. Brownies? Most definitely. Mini cakes? You betcha. From donuts and cinnamon rolls to apple fritters and churros, you can use this handy appliance to make a plethora of desserts you'd otherwise bake in the oven. Just keep in mind that due to the faster cooking time, you'll probably want to reduce the temperature by about 25 to 50 degrees, depending on the recipe. Also, be sure to line your tray with a piece of parchment paper when making desserts that feature softer batter, such as cakes or cookie dough, to prevent any mess and ensure they hold their preferred shape.