The Best Fruit To Layer In Delicious S'mores

S'mores are a campfire classic — sweet, decadent, and a ton of fun to make. Between the creamy milk chocolate and gooey marshmallow, however, they can sometimes lean in a cloyingly sweet direction, or become a tired take on dessert. Adding in fruit is one way to upgrade the classic treat and add more depth of flavor, as well as an element of freshness and a little acid to cut through all that sugary overload.

Fruit also offers an opportunity to take the humble s'more from boring and basic to positively gourmet. You have countless options for fruity additions, but taste is not the only thing to consider when adding a layer of nature's goodness to a sticky s'more — you also have to consider structural integrity. There are a couple of ways to handle this, with either fruits that slice well (like apples) or fruits that mash well (such as berries). 

For even more variety, you can also swap out your standard milk chocolate for a more complementary flavor, and the classic graham cracker can also be substituted for a different s'mores base. With all these elements, you can make a really unique and delicious treat that will tempt your tastebuds and impress guests.

What are the best fruits to layer in a s'more?

Some fruits will slice elegantly into a round shape and fit nicely inside a classic s'mores sandwich. Apples, pears, and nectarines will all work well to elevate your s'more. Just make sure that they are medium-ripe so they don't turn to mush when you cut them. It's okay if the fruits aren't as sweet as can be — the sugary marshmallow and chocolate will make up for that. 

To do so, hold the fruit upright on a cutting board, and cut rounds from both the left and right sides, moving towards the pit or core as you do. For apples and pears, you can also core the fruit and cut slices from top to bottom. Bananas would also be delicious, just slice them on a sharp bias. 

Strawberries could be easily sliced and layered into a s'more as well, but other berries are far too delicate or unwieldy to cut up and use in the same way. You could add them whole, pressing them into the pillowy toasted marshmallow to hold in place. Or, simply mash blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries into a quick puree. It's a great option to use fruit that's a little past its prime, if you perhaps forgot to do the carton test to find the longest-lasting berries at the store. Next, spread the smashed fruit onto the bottom graham cracker like a jam, and then add the chocolate, marshmallow, and top graham like normal.

How to make your fruity s'more really shine

Besides adding fruit, you can mix up the other components of a s'more as well to get a fresh new take. For example, milk chocolate isn't the only thing you can sandwich alongside the marshmallow and fruit of choice — dark chocolate, white chocolate, or chocolates with dried fruit and nuts inside are all options. You can also switch out a plain Jane graham cracker for something fruity to really double down on the rich flavors.

Try a thin and crisp Tate's Bake Shop coconut cookie as your base and layer on sliced pineapple and white chocolate for a quick trip to the tropics. Or, use a couple of blueberry-filled Pepperidge Farms Verona cookies, fruit side facing in, and add in sliced strawberries and dark chocolate. Of course, pair all the combinations with the classic toasted (or burnt) marshmallow, and your s'more will never again be just ordinary.