How To Store Parsley In The Fridge For Weeks Of Freshness

Fresh parsley is renowned for many attributes, but a long-lasting shelf life is not one of them. If your goal is to preserve your parsley for years, drying the fresh herbs (or choosing a jar of the dried version) might be the right choice for you, though this involves a trade-off. Dried parsley tends to have a more subdued flavor and color compared to the bold, herbaceous notes of its fresh counterpart. Nevertheless, fresh parsley is a valuable investment in terms of taste.

When left to its own devices, parsley typically stays fresh for just a few days. Storing it properly in a refrigerator, however, can preserve its freshness for a week or longer. To achieve this, first rinse off and dry the parsley. Then, wrap the clean bunch in a dry paper towel, and seal it in a plastic bag before placing it in the refrigerator — it's as simple as that!

Refrigerate parsley in a jar filled with water

Wrapping parsley in a paper towel and sealing it in a plastic bag is an effective and straightforward method for refrigerating the fresh herb, but it is not the sole technique for extending its shelf life. Another excellent method for preserving fresh parsley involves storing it in a jar filled with water. Begin by trimming about half an inch from the bottoms of the parsley stems, and plucking off any wilted or brown leaves. Avoid washing the parsley until you're ready to use it, ensuring the leaves are completely dry before proceeding.

For refrigeration, place the parsley in a jar or glass containing about an inch of cold water. Cover the parsley leaves loosely with an inverted plastic bag, securing the bag to the jar with a rubber band, then refrigerate. The plastic bag helps prevent the parsley from drying out due to excessive moisture loss and acts as a barrier against oxygen, which could cause the leaves to turn brown. Every few days, discard the water if it starts to discolor, replacing it with fresh cold water to further preserve the parsley.

Freeze your parsley for longer use

Freezing is an excellent way to preserve fresh parsley for more than a week. After washing and drying the parsley, you have several methods for freezing it. You can scrunch the parsley into tightly packed balls, or roll it into cigar-shaped tubes, then store these in freezer-safe, airtight plastic bags. Alternatively, freezing chopped parsley directly in ziplock bags is an option — no need to form it into balls or tubes. However, remember that frozen parsley leaves may lack the vibrancy desired for garnishing.

Another method involves freezing the herb into a flavor nugget. Place spoonfuls of finely chopped parsley into an ice cube tray, top up the cubes with oil (either olive or neutral vegetable oil), and pop the tray in the freezer. This results in parsley-infused oil cubes, ideal for adding flavor to dishes. These cubes can keep parsley fresh for up to six months, or possibly even longer.