How To Freeze Herbs Into Flavor Nuggets

We love kitchen tips and hacks here at Food Republic. That's why we were super-excited when ChefSteps wrote in this week with this simple trick that's twofold: Firstly, there's no longer a need to waste the herbs you so meticulously grew in your backyard garden or bought at the farmers' market or grocery store. Secondly, you can create a little nugget of herb-y, fatty flavor that's perfect for cooking your next dinner, be it steak, poultry, pasta, soup, eggs — whatever you're making, really!

So how exactly do we assemble these mini flavor bombs? Easily. Just chop up some fresh herbs (basil, mint, sage, fenugreek, rosemary, etc.). Generously sprinkle these herbs into the squares of an ice cube tray and pour oil — olive, sesame or flaxseed — or melted butter on top. Freeze the tray and forget about it until the next time you need a flavor agent in a flash. That's all there is to it! Less waste, more flavor. Check out the brief instructional video below.


Fresh herbs

Some sort of fat you like (oil, butter)

Ice cube tray

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