The Best Black Friday Deals For At-Home-Mixologists

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After the last turkey morsel has been devoured for Thanksgiving dinner, thoughts naturally turn to the week's other major holiday: Black Friday. Over $9 billion in sales were recorded during last year's Black Friday, and an even bigger number is forecast for this year's array of deals and discounts at stores nationwide.

For many, Black Friday is an opportunity to shop for larger items — electronics and appliances, for example — that are typically expensive but have been deeply discounted for a few brief days. But Black Friday is also a great time to shop for more focused interests, like building a home cocktail bar, for instance, or upgrading your existing set-up.

To find the best Black Friday shopping deals, we sought out essential items for at-home mixologists that are being offered at significant discounts of 25% or more — but only included items if they were made by reputable companies with a history of strong reviews. We also focused on retail outlets (or "etail," in the case of Amazon) that are commonly available to shoppers throughout the U.S., not just in select cities or regions. The benefit of Amazon, of course, is that there are no long lines at stores to contend with — just limited product at discounted rates. 

Aberdeen Oak Bartender Mixology Kit

What does every at-home mixologist need? A set of bar tools, of course. Aberdeen Oak is the biggest seller of such sets on Amazon, with over 2,000 sold in the last month alone. Those numbers should rise, however, based on Aberdeen Oak's reputation (a 4.8 rating across more than 1,300 reviews) and the discounted price currently being offered for its stainless steel collection of essential bar implements, including a shaker, strainer, muddler, and corkscrew.

The Aberdeen Oak Bartender Mixology Kit is available on Amazon for $30.77, a 38% discount from the list price of $49.97.

Pottery Barn Champagne Tower 10-Piece Set

At-home bars are perfect for making cocktails, but they also come in handy when it's time to entertain. Pottery Barn's collection of elegant coupe glasses is an excellent addition for formal and informal occasions alike, as they're perfectly appropriate for serving both Champagne and cocktails. In proper tower formation, of course, you can fill them all in one spectacular continuous pour. The Black Friday offer is for a limited time only, however.

The Champagne Tower 10-Piece Set is now being sold at Pottery Barn for $51.50, a 25% savings off its standard $69 list price.

Kissair Countertop Ice Maker

Every home bar needs ice, and if you don't want to traipse back and forth from the kitchen, a portable ice maker is a necessity. Kissair's self-cleaning version was named one of Walmart's best 2023 Black Friday deals by NBC News, as it's a quality product being offered for nearly 50% off. This model makes fresh ice in as few as six minutes, a major reason it's so highly rated — 4.5 rating over 2,500 plus reviews.

The Kissair Countertop Ice Maker is now available at Walmart for $65.99, a massive discount of nearly 50% from its $129.99 list price. 

Bev by Black & Decker

Attention, at-home mixologists: You can take a break and let the Bev by Black & Decker take over. This cocktail-maker system allows you to mix artisanal drinks for any occasion with just the press of a button. Simply connect your preferred liquor bottle — no need to decant — insert your chosen Bartesian cocktail capsules (sold separately), and select from various drink strength options, including mocktail, light, regular, and strong for those who prefer their cocktails a bit more robust. Engage Party Mode for an LED light show that will really get the party started. The best part is that the cocktail-churning machine self-rinses after each use.

The Bev by Black & Decker is available at Kohl's for $199.74, a 46% discount from its regular list price of $369.99.

Godinger Dublin Crystal 5 Piece Decanter Whiskey Set

Don't just store your bourbon or scotch in the back of your kitchen cupboard. Such rich and full-bodied liquors deserve the finest presentation. For a premium bottle of Irish whiskey, only the most elegant containers suffice. The Godinger Dublin crystal decanter meets this high standard. This stylish 24-ounce decanter, complete with a lid, is a timeless masterpiece of crystal craftsmanship. It boasts gem-like angles and deep grooves, creating a light-reflecting piece that dazzles from every perspective. Additionally, the set includes four double old-fashioned glasses that match the decanter (and sparkle just the same, too). 

The Godinger Dublin Crystal 5 Piece Decanter Whiskey Set is on sale at Macy's for $31.99, which is approximately a 60% discount from its regular list price of $80.

Godinger Dublin Champagne Coupe Glasses

When it comes to at-home bar essentials, you probably have a variety of stylish drink glasses, including high balls, shot glasses, martini glasses, and champagne flutes. However, for a truly unique experience, consider serving champagne in a coupe glass. The stemmed coupe glass, distinct from traditional flutes, features a wide-mouthed and shallow bowl. This broad bowl isn't just for aesthetics; it allows the drinker to fully appreciate the champagne's enticing aromas and flavors, which might be constrained in a narrower flute glass. Enhance your Godinger collection with the brand's Dublin Champagne Coupe Glasses, available in a set of four. These glasses are ideal for champagne, cocktails, and more — they can even be used for serving decadent desserts like sherbet.

The Godinger Dublin Champagne Coupe Glasses, a set of four, is available at Macy's for $19.99, which is approximately a 60% discount off its standard $50 price tag.

World Market Gold Art Deco Bar Cart

There's no denying that the most important aspect of a bar — aside from the drinks, of course — is the atmosphere. Enhancing your at-home drink service is simple with the Gold Art Deco Bar Cart from World Market. This cart, blending classic elegance with modern chic, is a surefire way to impress your guests. It features a unique circular design, a luxurious gold finish, and two mirrored glass shelves, ideal for showcasing your preferred spirits. Additionally, the cart includes four wheels for easy mobility, allowing you to bring the party wherever you go.

The Gold Art Deco Bar Cart is on sale now at World Market for $124.99, a 50% savings off its standard $249.99 list price.