Forget Espresso Martinis, Michael Symon Makes An Espresso Old Fashioned - Exclusive

Espresso martinis have made a serious mark on the cocktail industry in the past few years (you can always make a non-alcoholic version of them, too). In fact, according to Forbes, it became one of the most ordered drinks in America, bumping the classic Manhattan off the list in 2022. With the craze maybe — but probably not — dying out, Michael Symon proposes that you try a new drink: the espresso old fashioned.

"Bourbon is my drink of choice, so I always tend to lead those ones a little bit," Symon said of making cocktails in the winter months in an exclusive interview with Food Republic. The Food Network star recently paired up with canned tomato brand Contadina to create a tasty dinner recipe, so we had to ask him what his go-to holiday drink is as well — all the better to help curb the thirst of those unexpected guests. He said, "An old fashioned would be the base of the drink." Traditionally speaking, an old fashioned consists of bourbon or rye whiskey, Angostura bitters, a few splashes of water, and a sugar cube (or one teaspoon of sugar), but Symon explained how espresso can spice it up.

Throw espresso in your old fashioned

As someone who prefers bourbon, Michael Symon is all for an idea that provides a replacement for the espresso martini made with vodka. He told Food Republic, "At the store, there's so many great iced coffees or iced espressos that you could buy now that are boxed where you could swirl in some of that espresso." The television star recommends serving the drink on the rocks (aka over ice) with "some good quality cherries and a slice of orange and a little shot of chilled espresso in there."

Big companies like Starbucks sell ready-to-drink espresso shots perfect for this occasion that can help you avoid the hassle of going through an espresso machine. As a bonus, Symon also joked that this drink helps him stay up past his 9:00 p.m. bedtime, especially with guests visiting. "It's really great around the holiday time, especially if you're having a lot of people over and you've got to stay awake a little later."

Check out Michael Symon's recipes on Contadina's website or keep up with his latest projects on his Instagram page.