Make Any Pumpkin Pie Dairy-Free With 2 Coconut Swaps

Nothing warms the soul quite like a slice of homemade pumpkin pie. Featuring a spiced pumpkin custard filling enveloped in a deep, golden-brown pie crust, its delicious blend of spices seemingly tastes better with each and every bite. Although pumpkin puree is the star of this enticing treat, a handful of other ingredients are needed in order to make a classic pumpkin pie recipe from scratch. 

Of course, the aforementioned warm spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg are essential. But, typical recipes also call for butter for a flaky crust and canned milk or heavy cream to attain that luscious, melt-in-your-mouth filling. Fortunately, those who want to eat dairy-free can still tuck into this delightful dessert thanks to two simple coconut substitutions: coconut oil for the crust and coconut milk for the filling.

The coconut swaps can be used to replace the respective ingredients at a one-to-one ratio. Just keep in mind that they'll lend a subtle coconutty taste to your pie. But, if you want more of the traditional pumpkin flavors to pull through, you can also swap out the coconut oil for vegetable shortening or a creamy vegan butter.

You can swap out the eggs, too

Whipping up a decadently dairy-free pumpkin pie is as easy as making two simple ingredient substitutions. In addition to dairy, however, eggs are another common ingredient used to make the signature silky texture of the filling. But, vegans or those who have egg allergies can still grab a tasty slice if they swap out the eggs when making the pie, too. 

Some of the best egg substitutes for baking include silken tofu and aquafaba, which is the liquid leftover from a can of chickpeas. For aquafaba, you'll want to use about three tablespoons to replace one large egg. Or, you can swap out one egg for a ¼ cup of silken tofu, which makes for a great substitution because it's got a versatile flavor profile and won't impact the overall flavor of the pumpkin pie. 

Since eggs help hold the custard together, preventing the pie from becoming runny, just be sure to add in a little cornstarch or arrowroot powder in order to help the eggless pie set properly. And, don't forget to top your sweet pumpkin creation with a dollop or two of dairy-free whipped cream for a delicious treat that just about everyone can enjoy.