The Absolute Best Bread For Burgers And Greasy Sandwiches

In the quest for the perfect burger bun, the debate over which reigns supreme can get surprisingly heated. From options like brioche or sesame-seeded to Kaiser, ciabatta, or pretzel rolls, there's no shortage of choices for burger fans, and most people definitely have an opinion — or at the very least, a favorite.

But when it comes to savoring juicy burgers, indulging in fried chicken sandwiches, or relishing pulled pork rolls, our focus should truly be on potato buns. These buns are crafted using real potatoes or potato flour in lieu of a portion of wheat flour. Often, mashed potatoes are incorporated to lend a soft and tender texture to the bread, while potato flour is derived from cooked, dehydrated potatoes that are milled into flakes or powder. In any case, potato remains a key ingredient in this equation.

Many fast-food joints and chefs favor potato buns as their top choice. Home cooks also appreciate them, and part of their appeal lies in the fact that the potassium in the potatoes helps the dough rise more quickly, making them a breeze to bake. Potato buns are versatile and can be adapted to suit your tastes; for a delightful twist, upgrade your grill game with sweet potato burger buns, made with sweet potato instead of regular, for a tasty and unique variation.

Potato buns are perfect for burgers and sandwiches

Apart from their appealing golden appearance, two primary reasons make potato bread buns an excellent choice for burgers and greasy sandwiches, and they both revolve around texture and taste.

When it comes to burger buns, you don't want them to be overly doughy, chewy, or heavy. Potato buns boast a fluffy, springy texture that's pillowy soft and pleasantly squishy. They can also handle a generous helping of juices, absorbing just enough to enhance the taste without becoming too soggy. This ensures that your burger or sandwich stays intact, a crucial factor in enjoying a meal loaded with delicious, greasy fillings while maintaining its structural integrity as you eat it.

Flavor is another essential aspect of any burger or greasy sandwich experience, and the bread's taste shouldn't distract from the overall enjoyment. For instance, while some may find brioche to be too sweet for a burger bun, a potato roll offers a more neutral taste. This neutrality allows you to fully savor the succulent fillings and toppings, whether it's the meats, cheeses, or delectable sauces in a classic homemade all-American cheeseburger, or a loaded sandwich of your choice.

Even Michelin-starred chefs opt for potato buns

It's not just fast-food joints that have an affinity for potato buns. They are also the choice of Michelin-starred chefs from around the world when they seek to craft the ultimate burger experience, and this has been the case for quite some time. Renowned chef Daniel Boulud, for instance, utilized a potato roll for his Original DB Burger, a luxurious creation he introduced at his Manhattan restaurant, db Bistro Moderne, back in 2001, following a trial run at his fine-dining Park Avenue establishment, Daniel.

When Copenhagen's Noma, a globally acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant, transformed into an outdoor bar during the pandemic, it made a deliberate choice to exclusively serve two burger options, both nestled in freshly baked potato buns. Similarly, Michelin-starred Mana in Manchester, England, offered a takeaway burger in a potato bun when the restaurant had to temporarily close its doors due to the pandemic.

In October 2023, the burger giant Shake Shack, known for its preference for potato buns from Pennsylvania-based Martin's, joined forces with a two Michelin-starred London restaurant, Ikoyi, for a special collaboration burger in the UK, and — you guessed it — it was served on a toasted potato bun. If potato buns are deemed suitable by chefs with a dazzling array of Michelin stars when they're creating burgers, then who are we to disagree?