Add A Bit Of Avocado To Margaritas For A Creamy Touch

With its simple but punchy fusion of tequila, lime, and triple sec, the margarita is a favorite classic cocktail for very good reason. There are numerous ways to add a twist to the drink, from serving it frozen or adding fruit to making a spicy margarita. But have you ever tried adding avocado?

Yes, you read that right. Packed with heart-healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, the avocado — which is technically a fruit — has started to play a greater role in a variety of dishes and drinks over the past few years. Beyond guacamole for our chips and smashed avocado on our toasts, this versatile fruit is now commonly seen in desserts like cheesecake, adding creaminess without the need for dairy. This smooth, silky, delicate quality can also be a great addition to cocktails, such as the fiery margarita. You don't even need to add a lot of avocado to transform your drink — half a fruit should suffice for four servings.

Avocado brings a silky texture to margaritas

To the uninitiated, the vibrant green color and thick texture of an avocado margarita may seem unusual — or even off-putting — at first. However, the creamy, buttery quality of avocado can help tone down the acidity of the lime juice in a margarita, while also pairing beautifully with the sweet triple sec, spicy tequila, and salt rim.

The avocado margarita is not exactly new, either. One version has been on the menu at Austin's Curra's Grill in Texas for over 20 years. The drink is a bestseller, with approximately 2,000 drinks per week flying out across the restaurant chain's two locations, according to Texas Monthly. Different iterations of the drink can be found at numerous cocktail bars, with even Disney World serving a version called La Cava Avocado.

Though the exact recipes vary from bar to bar — Curra's adds fresh chopped cilantro, while Disney's includes melon liqueur and hibiscus salt — it's the signature rich, creamy flavor and velvety texture that continue to win over cocktail fans and inspire bartenders and mixologists.

Avocado can add dimension to many drinks

If you're not into tequila-based cocktails, there are numerous other drinks that can also benefit from the subtle creaminess of a touch of avocado. Rum and vodka pair well with the green fruit, whether in an avocado mojito, an avocado piña colada, or even an avocado vodka smash. 

For those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, avocado can be used beyond your typical green smoothie (although we wouldn't turn up our noses at one of those either). It makes a great addition to mocktails and frozen slushies as well. Try blending avocado with ingredients such as mango, pineapple juice, mint, and coconut milk for a tropical, refreshing, and non-boozy alternative.

And it's not just the flesh; even the avocado pit can be used to make tea. So there it is: Everyone's favorite superfood can also be used to make super drinks. Cheers to that.