The Way Ina Garten Tosses Eggshells Left TikTok Reeling

Ina Garten, otherwise known as the Barefoot Contessa, may be one of the most beloved personalities on television. In her fans' eyes, she simply can do no wrong. From her approachable, simple yet delicious recipes to her playful banter with her darling husband Jeffrey to her enviable Hamptons abode, people can't help but fall in love with Ina. Her television cooking shows are calm yet mesmerizing with her peaceful kitchen and friendly voice, but sometimes, something catches a viewer off guard. One of these moments was shared on TikTok, involving an eggshell.

In what looks like an early episode of her show, Garten is nonchalantly cracking eggs into a bowl, but she doesn't simply set the eggshells to the side; she chucks them off camera. Okay, it's more of a toss, but the viewer can't see where the flying shells are landing. The voice in the TikTok video posted by @dylancataldo is shocked and baffled and wonders aloud, "Where's she throwing these eggshells?" It does, indeed, look pretty funny, and you can't help but wonder, too.

Watch out for flying eggshells

In the episode in question, Garten is making lemon bars, and as she cracks a few eggs into a bowl, she tosses each shell away from her. You can see the full recipe clip from her cooking show on YouTube. Fans who have watched her shows know that, in the clip, Garten is standing behind a counter positioned so that her sink is in front of her. So, she is, in fact, tossing those eggshells into the sink, and from the comments posted on the TikTok clip, most people agree with this. In fact, several times in the YouTube video, the viewer can see the edge of the sink in front of the counter.


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But some of the comments are downright hilarious. Answering the question of, "Where's she throwing these eggshells," comments include, "That's for Jeffrey to clean up," "Wherever the heck she wants," and "How easy was that?" mimicking Garten's signature catchphrase. In response to one of several users who say that she's tossing the shells into the sink, @dylancataldo fires back, "But she tossed them like they owed her money!" We don't know if Garten lets the garbage disposal take care of the shells or if she collects them from the sink later, but if she does grind them up, maybe she should think twice.

There's a better place for eggshells than the garbage disposal

So many people get rid of eggshells by pulverizing them in the garbage disposal. A popular belief is that this will sharpen the blades, but this may not be altogether true. American Home Shield suggests that garbage disposals are equipped with dull impellers, not sharp blades, so there really isn't anything to sharpen. Further, a build-up of pulverized eggshells could potentially cause a drain clog. Throwing the shells in the garbage can is a better option. But, if you're a gardener, you can always put those eggshells to good use by adding the shells to compost. The calcium in the shells is excellent for your soil, vegetable garden, and flowers; just be sure to grind them up as finely as possible before adding them to your compost pile.

You can also use cracked, halved eggshells as seedling pots, add them to chicken feed, or add them to your coffee grounds to make Swedish coffee. Her fans have yet to see Garten make Swedish coffee on her show, but the egg tosses in the sink are plentiful and will always be delightful because, well, she's Ina.