What Is The Best Way To Crack An Egg?

Fact: only in cartoons can you crack an egg and dispense it perfectly, shell-free, yolk intact, into a pan in one sweeping motion. That said, there are some simple techniques you can employ with to make sure your egg hits the bowl (not pan) in perfect condition.

You'll need an egg and a bowl. Why the bowl? In case you're making scrambled eggs, you'll need something to scramble them in and if you crack directly into a pan for a fried egg, you'll mess it up trying to nudge any shell fragments out. If you're poaching, a bowl helps you slide the egg into the water as close to the surface as possible to help keep it together.

Gently tap the egg on the side of the bowl to crack it as close to the center as possible. Work your thumbs into the crack and carefully open the egg into the bowl. It may take a few times before this comes naturally. Fish out any shell fragments using a fork, then beat or fry as you see fit for any of our spectacular brunch recipes.

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