Top Avocado With Brown Sugar For A Creamy, Crunchy Breakfast

If you're on a quest for a morning meal that's both nutrient-dense and delicious, look no further than the versatile avocado. These green gems are not just Instagram-worthy when placed on toast; they're a breakfast powerhouse. There are literally dozens of ways to incorporate avocado into your breakfast, from adding them to omelets and blending them into smoothies, to folding them into burritos with scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage. Savory fans can also use avocado to create a vegetable frittata featuring artichoke hearts, asparagus, and tomatoes.

But did you know that you can turn a perfectly ripened avocado into a sweet and crunchy breakfast treat? TikTok user @lemonlae demonstrates that sprinkling sugar on top of avocado halves creates a delightful dish that marries the sweetness of sugar with the avocado's neutral and creamy base. Served with a fruit salad, toast, and some perfectly poached eggs, a sugared avocado half can become part of your new favorite breakfast.

Sugar and avocado are a match

Although classified as a fruit, most people associate avocado with savory dishes. For breakfast, this usually means mashing avocado onto toast with olive oil, salt, and other seasonings. Thanks to its frequent appearance in Mexican cuisine, avocado is often linked to savory treats like guacamole. However, in many parts of the world, avocado is treated as a regular fruit and often consumed with sweeteners or incorporated into sweet drinks. For instance, in the Philippines, avocado is served with sweetened condensed milk and ice, while in Morocco, it is dusted with confectioners' sugar and fragrant orange flower water. Therefore, eating avocado topped with sugar wouldn't be considered strange breakfast fare in many other countries.


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To enjoy a sugared avocado, you'll need a ripe avocado and some sugar. While any sugar can technically do the trick, the larger crystals in demerara sugar or granulated brown sugar provide the best crunch. You can either sprinkle the sugar directly onto the cut sides of the avocado halves or create a mixture of sugar and spices, such as cinnamon, on a shallow plate and press the cut side into the mixture.

Avocado is a versatile dessert ingredient

Thanks to its neutral taste and creamy texture, avocado can be used to substitute certain ingredients in desserts. For example, ripe avocados can replace butter and oil in banana bread; their natural oils and creaminess make extra fat unnecessary. Avocados can also elevate a brownie recipe, their taste completely masked by the extra cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Additionally, avocados can be the star ingredient in desserts like vegan chocolate and avocado mousse, which combines ripe avocado, cocoa powder, plant-based milk, and vanilla extract. Refrigerate the mousse until chilled and serve with coconut flakes or fresh mint for garnish.

Aside from using them as a fat and cream substitute, you can also feature the humble avocado in desserts such as avocado puddings, an easy treat made with ripe avocados, milk, sugar and citrus juices. Its sweet flavor and creamy texture will open your eyes to the idea of using avocados for sweet treats. Those who are looking for a recipe to bring to a party can try the avocado and lime pie, a riff of the key lime pie but with avocado and lime juice instead of key limes. Chilled and served with a buttery graham cracker pie crust, it will be a hit with any party.