Boarderie: Here's What Happened After Shark Tank

Let's face it: Charcuterie boards make every corporate meeting or family gathering a little bit better. The elegantly decorated plate, with an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, olives, and other accompaniments, elevates any party. However, the not-so-fun part is creating one of these dressed-up snack platters yourself. That's exactly the problem Aaron and Julie Menitoff sought to solve when they conceived the idea for Boarderie, a pre-assorted charcuterie board service with next-day delivery.

The Menitoffs had been involved in the hospitality business for years before launching Boarderie. They even had their own catering company, which served athletes, celebrities, and even royalty, such as Prince Harry. Sadly, in 2020, their business came to a crashing halt due to the pandemic, and they had to devise a new way to make ends meet. That's when Boarderie was created. The idea of delivering pre-made charcuterie boards was so enthralling to Rachel Solomon, one of the company's customers, that she teamed up with Aaron to become his co-CEO. Eventually, Angel Jerez partnered with the team as well, and the company began to roll out products to eager customers.

Boarderie proved to be a rising star in the business world, and its early success allowed Aaron and Rachel to appear on "Shark Tank," where they asked the sharks for a $300,000 investment for only 5% equity in their product. After some negotiation, Boarderie accepted an offer from Lori Greiner.

What happened to Boarderie on Shark Tank?

Aaron Menintoff and Rachel Solomon's request — $300,000 investment for only 5% equity — was bold, and Mark Cuban was visibly appalled when the pair stated their offer. But after the sharks saw and tasted Boarderie's product, they were impressed, and questions about sales began to roll out. Aaron and Rachel explained that the Boarderie on display was sold for about $90 and wholesaled to vendors for $154, leaving thin profit margins that concerned Cuban. However, Aaron and Rachel countered by explaining that their company is profitable, and they anticipated to generate $400,000 in profit by the end of the 2022 calendar year.

Kevin O'Leary was concerned about what they had that other companies couldn't replicate. Aaron and Rachel explained that their assembly line was able to produce around 3,000 charcuterie boards a day, as well as deliver them the next day nationwide, something not many other facilities could pull off. Convinced, O'Leary offered a $300,000 investment for 17.5% equity. Barbara Corcoran offered $300,000 for 13% equity and a $300,000 line of credit, and Lori Greiner offered $300,000 for 9% equity, which was the deal Aaron and Rachel accepted.

Boarderie after Shark Tank

Appearing on "Shark Tank" alone had tremendous benefits for Boarderie, some of which could be attributed to its online presence. After the company's appearance on the show, end-of-the-year sales grew by 1000%, and Boarderie generated $70 million in sales. The company — which employs 70 workers, all striving to meet the high demand for the company's charcuterie boards as quickly as possible and keep customers satisfied — maxed out its production capabilities and sold out of charcuterie boards, becoming, for a time, the largest overnight shipping company in the South Florida region. The company also made Oprah's Favorite Things list in 2022, bolstering its sales even further. Some of the suggested uses for Boarderie's boards include giving them as gifts to friends and family, enjoying them for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, or sending them as a corporate gift.

Needless to say, Boarderie has enjoyed massive success since its "Shark Tank" appearance, and things seem to be going excellently for the company.

Is Boarderie still in business?

As of 2023, Boarderie is still in business, and eager customers can visit the company's website to explore a variety of different charcuterie boards designed for all sorts of occasions. Boarderie offers selections like the "Arte Cheese & Charcuterie" board, which includes 37 artisan ingredients and comes with an acacia wood serving board. The company's boards are all designed to satisfy your snack cravings at various levels. However, it's worth noting that not all boards are priced the same; they come in different sizes and assortments, so make sure to select the one that best suits your budget.

Boarderie also offers corporate gifting, providing the option to have your company's logo engraved on the box. This process is a bit different from simply adding one of Boarderie's products to your cart, though. Instead, interested customers will need to send an email to Boarderie via a corporate order form, specifying a delivery time for the order to arrive.

What's next for Boarderie?

Even though Boarderie has already skyrocketed in popularity, don't think for a second that the company is done expanding its reach. Along with praise from Oprah, several websites have reviewed Boarderie's charcuterie boards favorably, and not only is the company active on social media, but it still releases limited-time products, such as Labor Day charcuterie boards to celebrate the U.S. holiday in September. Additionally, the company gives back to the community, employing Arc Clients — adults with cognitive development disabilities — at its facility. Boarderie has also organized volunteer food drives for school children who couldn't afford lunch during the pandemic, and provided food for power company workers when deadly storms damaged Florida's electric grid.

Perhaps now's the time to consider ordering one of Boarderie's artisan-crafted charcuterie boards for your next get-together, or simply for yourself and close friends. After all, you may not want to share once you've tasted from one of these boards.