Starbucks UK Debuts Clotted Cream Fudge Cold Brew Ahead Of 25th Anniversary

Starbucks is celebrating 25 years of business in the United Kingdom and to mark the milestone, the coffee giant is doing something it's never done before: it is releasing a beverage that will be completely exclusive to Great Britain. Naturally, it is an homage to some of the country's signature flavors: cream tea and classic fudge. The Clotted Cream Fudge Cold Brew is made with the company's signature cold brew coffee combined with vanilla syrup. The base is topped with clotted cream fudge flavored foam and the top is sprinkled with clotted cream fudge topping.

To American ears, the word "fudge" evokes thoughts of chocolate (even though fudge comes in many flavors), but in the U.K., clotted cream fudge is a popular treat that has nothing to do with cocoa. Made with clotted cream, golden syrup, golden caster sugar, and salt, British fudge is a creamy, sweet confection with a flavor reminiscent of toffee. Clotted cream itself is a quintessential British topping that is most often seen at high tea as an accompaniment to scones. For a signature British cold brew, there couldn't be a more fitting flavor choice.

This one's for you, Brits

According to General Manager of Starbucks UK, Alex Rayner, Starbucks was the first large chain coffeehouse to bring cold brew to Great Britain. He also announced via Delish that the new drink would be a permanent fixture on Starbucks menus across the country. Americans, or anyone, for that matter, who don't live in the United Kingdom shouldn't wait for the drink to come to them. As an exclusively British offering, they'll have to travel across the pond to get their hands on one.

Although coffeehouses have been a mainstay in British society since the 1600s, Starbucks first came to Britain in 1998 with its first location in the neighborhood of Chelsea. Twenty-five years later, over 1,000 cafes exist in the country with a total of 100 new stores opened or planning to open by the end of 2023. Clearly, the company has a loyal fan base across the pond. Any Brit with a taste for the nostalgic clotted cream confection and a good cup of coffee is certainly in for a treat.