MasterChef Renewed For 14th Season Ahead Of 250th Episode

To celebrate tonight's 250th episode of "MasterChef," Fox announced that it renewed the popular food competition series for its 14th season. According to a press release sent to Food Republic, Michelin-starred chef and executive producer of the show, Gordon Ramsay, will return as host alongside familiar judges, chef Aarón Sánchez and restaurateur Joe Bastianich.

In an interview with Variety, Ramsay spoke about his experience on "MasterChef," saying, "I cannot believe 250 episodes have flown by since we started this journey in 2010. For me, seeing the growth of home cooking firsthand over the last 13 years has been absolutely extraordinary and a testament to the power of the show." 

Bastianich called the experience a masterclass in cooking and believes the last 13 years of the show have "chronicled the transformation of foodyism in America."

"MasterChef" is broadcast television's longest-running competitive cooking reality television series. It has been adapted over 60 times, airing in over 250 countries, and awarded the "Most Successful Cookery Television Format" by Guinness World Records. 

Fox hasn't given the official release date, but rumors speculate that Season 14 will premiere on April 24, 2024, which gives talented home cooks plenty of time to prepare. The show announced a casting call looking for new MasterChef contestants. Interested amateur home cooks can visit the show's casting website for eligibility rules and other terms and conditions. 

Summer 2023's #1 cooking show

The 250th episode airing tonight will certainly be one to remember. The remaining contestants in the "United Tastes of America" season will make one of the regional cakes presented to them on a giant table shaped like the U.S. Each ornate cake represents one of four regions (Northeast, West, Midwest, and South) and must be precisely baked and meticulously decorated to make it through to the next round. This challenge is especially fitting because this season, home cooks from each corner of the U.S. were chosen to represent a culinary region. Normally, the cooks are randomly selected, but this theme has proven successful, as the show has solidified itself as the top cooking show of the summer due to its high viewership.

This season also included challenges where the home cooks had to create complex thematic dishes for a State Fair challenge, perennial Mystery Box challenges, Dodger Stadium, and a Tag Team event, where cooks prepared a Michelin-star-worthy three-course meal. Guest judges this season have included MasterChef Junior judge Daphne Oz, Graham Elliot, James Beard Award nominee Susan Feniger, James Beard Award nominee and "Top Chef" alum Tiffany Derry, Andre Rush, and Season 11 winner Kelsey Murphy. The stakes get higher every season, so we are excited to tune in tonight, and will be on the edge of our seats until the premiere of Season 14.