Trader Joe's Electrolyte Water Is A Quick Hydration Fix

Are days in the hot sun leaving you feeling parched? Or, perhaps you just need a tall drink of water to help you cool off following an intense, sweaty workout. Trader Joe's may hit the spot. From sparkling and mineral water to mountain spring and coconut water, the popular grocery chain is swimming in satisfying H20 products. In particular, its bottled electrolyte water may be just what you need to quench your thirst, especially when you're looking to boost hydration post-gym or after a long day spent beachside.

Trader Joe's Alkaline Water + Electrolytes is a super hydrating option that features added electrolytes and balancing alkaline properties. According to the product label, the alkaline water is purified through reverse osmosis (a process that demineralizes water in order to rid it of any contaminants) and then is ionized "to achieve the perfect balance" — making it equal parts refreshing and hydrating.

The bottled drink is available in a 33.8-ounce bottle for $1.29, or an 18-bottle case for $23.22. Since Trader Joe's never offers discounts on its foods, there probably won't be any markdowns but it may be worth it in order to ensure proper hydration.

What's in Trader Joe's electrolyte water?

Trader Joe's Alkaline Water + Electrolytes has been a popular topic on social media, where it has garnered a bit of a cult favorite status. As the name would suggest, this bottled water features two main ingredients: purified water and electrolytes — the latter of which is comprised of potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and magnesium sulfate, potassium being an essential minerals the body needs to function, according to Medical News Today, from helping to maintain blood pressure and regulating nerve and muscle function to rebuilding damaged tissues and balancing the body's pH levels (or the level of acidity and alkalinity in the body). There are measurements to gauge pH levels, which ranges between 1 and 14 — 1 to 6 being acidic, 7 being neutral, and 8 to 14 being basic, or alkaline.

Trader Joe's electrolyte water features a pH of 9.5+ putting it well into the alkaline level range. To put this figure into perspective, tap water typically has a pH of 7.5 and bottled waters usually vary between 6.5 and 7.5. Many studies have linked alkaline water to a number of health benefits, including possible anti-aging effects and improved physical performance, which means Trader Joe's Alkaline Water + Electrolytes could be a great addition to your routine.

Is Trader Joe's electrolyte water worth the hype?

If you're considering Trader Joe's electrolyte-enhanced water, it helps to understand how important electrolytes are in terms of hydration. In addition to the aforementioned body functions, electrolytes also aid in boosting hydration by regulating the balance of water and nutrients throughout the body, says the Cleveland Clinic.

If an electrolyte imbalance occurs, meaning there is too much or too little of the essential minerals in the body, a number of health problems could occur, including possible muscle cramps, fatigue, headache, irritability, and nausea. A serious electrolyte imbalance could cause more life-threatening symptoms, such as seizures and even cardiac arrest, per Healthline. It's important to note that these health issues must always be attended to by a medical professional. 

But, for minor imbalances, since the body primarily loses electrolytes via very common functions like urination or sweating, it can be beneficial to replenish the quantity after fluid loss. With Trader Joe's electrolyte water, the necessary compound is already in the bottle so it can be a great liquid fix any time you need extra hydration.