What Most People Don't Know About Cheesecake Factory Sauces

The Cheesecake Factory can be overwhelming in the best way. The 20-page long menu details more than 250 dishes, and most with portions as big as Texas. Although its selection of over 30 indulgent cheesecakes is the star of the show, the chain offers everything from Asian-inspired Ahi tuna appetizers to Italian pasta dishes and traditional pub fare. And most of those dishes are served with, smothered by, or bathed in one of the dozens of sauces they offer. 

Depending on the location, each restaurant offers dine-in, delivery, and pickup options to enjoy their entirely scratch-made menu, but customers may not realize they also have another option. You can purchase your favorite Cheesecake Factory sauce or dressing directly from the restaurant and recreate your favorite dishes at home, or simply spruce up any meal Cheesecake Factory-style.

Although it's not listed on the menu and you can't order the items online for pickup or delivery, individual locations will sell you containers of salad dressing, sauces, or condiments when you call ahead or ask your server at the restaurant. No more trying to figure out the secret behind their creamy parmesan sauce or house vinaigrette — customers can purchase a container and call it their own.

You can buy any sauce you desire if it's available

We're not talking about 2-ounce containers of sauce here, either, such as the citrus-honey-peanut vinaigrette given on the side with your Cobb salad. Depending on the sauce, The Cheesecake Factory will sell entire pints of their recipes for $7 to $12 each. While the menu boasts over 100 varieties of freshly made sauces, according to The Cheesecake Factory location we spoke to, roughly 35 sauces are available to purchase from the restaurant, depending on availability. 

Since the recipes are made from scratch each day, the kitchen scales what it prepares according to historical demand in order to minimize waste, meaning your local restaurant may not have the spicy chipotle parmesan cream sauce from their Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta available on a typically slow weekday when it doesn't plan to sell a lot. But come the weekend, when it is usually slammed, it is more likely that the restaurant will have plenty and be happy to unload a few pints. We were told popular and less perishable items like the marinara sauce and salad dressings are typically always available, so if you love The Cheesecake Factory's Chinese plum dressing from the Chinese Chicken Salad or crave the chain's Spaghetti and Meatballs, you're in luck. 

Since each location tailors to a different crowd, customers should call their local Cheesecake Factory ahead of time to see which sauces are available.

There are endless possibilities with Cheesecake Factory sauces

While The Cheesecake Factory website provides recipes for some of its most popular dishes like Mexican Tortilla Salad, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, and Spicy Shrimp Pasta, it omits the ingredients and instructions for how to prepare the sauces and dressings, telling home cooks to purchase those ingredients separately. Their generosity can only go so far, and the restaurant obviously wants a reason to keep you coming back. 

If you love the taste of the soy-ginger sesame, tamarind-cashew, peanut, or sweet red chili dipping sauces or would like to serve their chunky dips like guacamole or salsa at your next get-together, The Cheesecake Factory offers the perfect opportunity to purchase pints of those items. If you've always wondered how their spicy New Orleans pasta sauce would taste on grilled chicken, or think more foods should be coated with their Dynamite sauce, give the restaurant a call and tailor the dish to your needs at home.