Red wine being poured into a glass
What's The Difference Between Table Wine And Regular Wine?
Table wine is a term used in Europe, particularly in France and Italy, to describe wine that doesn't meet certain quality standards. No equivalent distinction exists in the U.S.
However, labeling doesn't dictate taste. A European wine may be classed as table wine due to its production methods and grape origins, rather than its flavor or enjoyability.
This categorization has practical applications for dinner parties. Hosts serve quality wines first so guests can appreciate their nuances, and then they move on to table wines.
In the United States, table wine denotes a variety that is cheaper and lower in alcohol. Generally speaking, a table wine in the U.S. is 14 percent alcohol by volume, or lower.
While recommendations and an understanding of wine distinctions can enrich appreciation, wine preference varies, so drink what you enjoy, regardless of labeling.