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Succulent steak tartare is the perfect dish to pair with a glass of Red Diamond Malbec for a classy Halloween party.

There’s a time and a place for cupcakes shaped like tombstones and pretzels formed into witch hats, but your classy, adults-only Halloween party is simply not that time. So we’ve come up with a recipe that’s ghoulish in its own right, while still a sophisticated and delicious dish: steak tartare. The blood-red, raw steak will be perfectly on-theme when coupled with dark, moody plates and some dim, dramatic lighting. Serve with good-quality potato chips to bring the dish from 5-star snobby to totally approachable.

Dust off your goblets and serve your tartare with a full-bodied red wine, such as Red Diamond Malbec. The soft tannins and smooth finish of the wine present the perfect counterbalance to the richness of the succulent raw beef dish.

P.S.: Bonus points if you serve your tartare out of this mold.

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