You can’t bake bread until you’ve mastered the art of the starter, and it’s not always easy! Utilize our tips for making a bread starter (it’s super, super-easy) and troubleshoot it if need be with baking guru Claus Meyer’s new cookbook, Meyer’s Bakery. Ready to learn how to make Meyer’s famous Øland wheat bread. 

The Øland wheat bread is my favorite—our customers seem to feel the same way because our bakeries sell a huge number of Øland loaves. In fact, it’s our best-selling loaf. And this makes us very proud since the bread encapsulates our entire philosophy of using a good natural starter and plenty of tasty Nordic whole-grain heirloom flour to give the bread its distinctive character. The gluten quality in Øland wheat allows us to sufficiently hydrate our dough, yielding a really tender loaf, while imparting a nice, sweet flavor to the bread that goes incredibly well with the sour notes contained in a natural starter. The combination of plenty of water and Øland wheat ensures a tasty crust and tender crumb, the inside as soft as a doughnut, complemented by that lovely Øland wheat flavor.

If you cannot get hold of Øland wheat, don’t worry. You can replace it with any whole-grain heirloom flour, such as emmer or spelt or one of the rural varieties, which all have a sweeter aroma than many modern wheat flours.

Tip: You can use common whole-grain flour if you can’t get your hands on a whole-grain heirloom variety, but go for the highest possible protein content.

Reprinted with permission from Meyer’s Bakery