Let’s talk about Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts, the fried chicken and donut eatery by the man behind modern Israeli restaurant Zahav restaurant to Philadelphia. Michael Solomonov’s latest collection of recipes chronicles the story behind this culinary game-changer, from different styles of spiced fried bird to the shop’s most popular glazes and toppings. Let’s check out their master fried chicken recipe, then grab dessert!

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Fried chicken waits for no one, so have your spice blends and glazes ready before you start frying. Season the chicken immediately after it’s fried. Our process begins with curing the chicken overnight, or at least 4 hours ahead, and then frying it twice for an extra-crispy crust. Only then do we toss the hot fried chicken into a spice blend or brush on a tasty glaze.

Reprinted with permission from Federal Donuts