Chef Edward Lee is master of umami, adding Korean pantry staple gochujang sauce to a hearty beef chili simmered in smoky chipotle peppers and beer, which blankets a base of tortilla chips. The author of Smoke & Pickles then tops it all off with a sharp cheddar cheese, serrano pepper, and a gochujang-spiked sour cream for an addictive combination of heat, tang, and a touch of sweetness.

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“I want that stick-to-your-teeth texture that only gochujang can deliver in a sauce. It isn’t just spice for the sake of heat. It is nuanced and layered. It has a sweetness to it and umami, lots of umami,” says Lee.

Use leftover chili for an additional batch of nachos, top baked potatoes with it or thin it with beef broth to serve as a soup.

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