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Gussy up your salade Lyonnaise with these tips from master French chef Alain Ducasse.

Master French chef Alain Ducasse has a new cookbook out, filled with the techniques he uses at his world-famous restaurants to make his signature dishes. Alain Ducasse’s Lyonnaise salad is served as an elevated, elegant verrine just waiting to wow your dinner party guests.

Tips From Our Chefs:

Freshness is a must

Keep in mind that if an egg (whether quail or chicken) is not fresh enough, its white will not set well around the yolk when poaching and will spread out in strings in the water.

Gently does it

Gently make a cut into the shell with a serrated knife without going any farther. Then cut off the top of the egg. If you crack the shell as you would for a chicken egg, you will pierce the membrane and probably break the yolk.


This garlic dressing can keep for a few days in the refrigerator.

Reprinted with permission from Cooking School