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Lucky Peach magazine hacked McDonald India's best-selling potato patty sandwich, the McAloo Tikki.

Just because Lucky Peach magazine is famous for meat-laden recipes like porky ramen, fried chicken and piles of shellfish doesn’t mean they can’t publish an awesome vegetable-based cookbook. This fresh, fiber-rich, plant-based collection of “Turbocharged Recipes for Vegetables With Guts” is so good you’ll forget you were ever craving that lap cheong or roast duck. This riff of McDonald India’s famed McAloo Tikki sandwich is sublime.

The McAloo Tikki is the Power Vegetables! veggie burger. They are burgers that are crisp in a way that meat never is or should be, and an amalgam of textures and flavors that would make whoever invented the Whopper proud.

Reprinted with permission from Lucky Peach Presents Power Vegetables!