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Learn how to use your sous vide circulator to make deep-fried egg yolks.

Get up to speed with the rapidly evolving sous vide movement. Grab your immersion circulator (it doesn’t have to be professional-kitchen grade!) and a copy of Lisa Fetterman’s Sous Vide at Home. The tech entrepreneur is the creator of Nomiku, one of the most popular circulators on the market, and her book shows you how to pull off restaurant-quality fare on the regular. Ready to learn how to make deep-fried egg yolks? 

If your heart is full of adventure but is otherwise very healthy, I recommend these crunchy, gooey treats. The secret behind this culinary marvel lies in cooking the egg at precisely 64°C. This results in yolks that are malleable when cold but still “ooze” when hot. Breading the yolks while they’re cold and still firm and then quickly deep-frying them to reheat produces an incredibly indulgent combo: a crunchy shell contrasted with a warm, molten inside. Bite sized but hugely satisfying, they make great appetizers but are also a jaw-dropping garnish for a simple green salad — a sort of glorious hybrid of a poached egg and a crouton.

Do-Ahead Strategy: The cooked and cooled eggs can be refrigerated for up to 1 week before you prepare the yolks for deep-frying. Once the egg yolks are fried, they retain their heat well and can be kept at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes.

Pro Tip: I prefer the lighter, more irregular pieces of panko over regular breadcrumbs because they result in a supercrisp, airy crust and maximum crunchy pleasure time.

Reprinted with permission from Sous Vide at Home