Let’s talk about Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts, the fried chicken and donut eatery by the man behind modern Israeli restaurant Zahav restaurant to Philadelphia. Michael Solomonov’s latest collection of recipes chronicles the story behind this culinary game-changer, from different styles of spiced fried bird to the shop’s most popular glazes and toppings. Check out our donut-centric interview with Solomonov on our daily podcast, and fry up a batch of your own chocolate éclair donuts.

Named for the novelty ice cream bar — not the French pastry — this recipe uses our chocolate cake batter. It’s the same process as our master donut recipe but uses cocoa powder instead of baharat. This recipe is a major breakthrough for us. Though more than one Fednuts partner considers our milk glaze on a chocolate donut to be the platonic ideal.


Just remember: Cool Donuts, Warm Glaze

  1. Improvise a double boiler by adding about 2 inches of water to a saucepan and setting it over medium heat. Bring the water to a simmer.
  2. Place a bowl of glaze over the saucepan and heat through. Use your fingertips to glaze each cooled donut (see below).
  3. Cool the glazed donuts on a rack set over a paper towel–lined baking sheet until the glaze is dry, about 10 minutes.


Glazing donuts is all about attitude and confidence. A Fednuts artisan can glaze a dozen donuts without breaking eye contact with the customer. Follow these steps and now you can, too!

  1. Hold the bottom of the donut with your fingertips and submerge the top in warm glaze a little more than halfway up the sides.
  2. Remove the donut from the glaze and, with a twist of the wrist, turn it right side up, allowing the excess glaze to wrap around the sides and bottom of the donut.
  3. Transfer the glazed donut to a wire rack and let the glaze set for about 10 minutes.

Reprinted with permission from Federal Donuts