Sorry kids, these popsicles are for adults only. The aunt and nephew duo behind Ice Kitchen are back with their second book, Poptails, the one stop shop for all your frozen boozy cravings. Expect everything from creative combinations you wished you thought of first and twists on classics, like these pink negroni popsicles.

It is said that on his return from England in 1919, an Italian nobleman, Count Camillo Negroni, asked his favourite bar to prepare his usual cocktail, the Americano, but with a splash of gin instead of the usual soda. The bittersweet combination became a classic. In these delicious pink poptails, a family favourite, the grapefruit takes the place of the traditional sweet vermouth, adding zest. They are delicious on their own, and super dipped in a shot glass of gin.

Reprinted with permission from Ice Kitchen Poptails