At Food Republic, we aim to provide you with recipes that even a kitchen rookie can master, thus our category called “The Basics.” These are dishes we feel every cook should have a strong grasp of before venturing on to tackle more intense and advanced recipes. The best culinary schools in the world work in much the same way. You start by learning basic knife skills, simple ratios, and the mother sauces that can then be applied to a plethora of recipes and transformed into an endless array of dishes. After you get through “The Basics” you’ll have the knowledge to transform these dishes into so much more.

Even the world’s best burgers all start somewhere. So here’s your basic recipe for a beef burger. The only recipe more basic than this is straight-up ground beef formed into patties. This one has just a little flavor and texture to get you started. Master this and move on to mixing meats, adding seasonings, glazing, piling high toppings and bun selection to create your signature burger.

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