Derby Drinking: Schlafly's Selection Series Kentucky Mule Ale

If you're looking to switch up your drinking game this Kentucky Derby from the ordinary julep or mule, we've found a brew for you. Crack open an ice-cold Kentucky Mule Ale by St. Louis' renowned Schlafly Beer, a ginger, lime and bourbon barrel chip-infused beer which clocks in at a formidable 8%. That means you won't sacrifice your buzz along with your julep cup.

We asked Schlafly founding brewer Stephan Hale how this special edition bottle came to be, and can't wait to pair it with some classic Derby eats.

Have you attended past Kentucky Derbys?

Sadly, I have not, but that doesn't keep me from wearing a bunch of really crazy hats. One of these years I'll make it to Churchill Downs.

Can you tell us a little about the brewing process?

This beer pretty much follows the standard brewing procedure, adding lime and ginger during the fermentation process, then aging on bourbon barrel chips.

Kentucky Mule, our next Cellar Selection beer, hits the market this week. The new design is full of character and the beer packs an undeniable kick. • • • #Schlafly #CellarSelections #KentuckyMule #NewBeer

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Why drink a Mule Ale instead of a regular mule or julep?

Variety! Different drinks for different people, and the beer drinkers in the mix will love a new take on these classic beverages. It's also a great way for cocktail-lovers to try some of their favorite flavors in a beer.

What would you pair with a Mule Ale while celebrating the Derby?

If you can get your hands on some Hot Browns (or make them yourself), that would be pretty traditional, as would a Derby Pie or cupcake of your own creation. There are plenty of classic dishes from Louisville, I can't wait to hear what people come up with.

Oh, and it's a seasonal beer — don't be stubborn, get it while you can!