Take Patagonia Provisions' Latest Food Line Anywhere You Go

Patagonia Provisions, the climate-focused food division of Patagonia, has a line of shelf-stable, lightweight, easy-to-pack and extra-nutritious options to fuel your next far-flung excursion. Their new, sustainable and responsibly sourced proteins, gluten-free grains and fiber-rich beans will keep you going during all kinds of outdoor adventures (in style), and they're available at Patagonia locations all over the world. Think quinoa-buckwheat pancakes with green apple, mussel paella (with mussels harvested by fourth-generation mussel farmers) or rib-sticking Nepalese Sockeye salmon tsampa soup.

The seasonings are not only present, they're on-point. A common gripe about freeze-dried and other ready-to-cook outdoorsy fare is that the packets often lack essential flavors — cumin in the chili, for example. Not the case with Patagonia Provisions: San Francisco chef Matthew Accarrino of Michelin-starred SPQR served as a chef partner to create recipes using the products, and utilized each in a restaurant-quality dish. If your restaurant was a campfire, of course — and hey, when you're halfway up a mountain, it might be!

"Grains and crunch and texture is what I'm going for," says Accarrino of the products, one of which is essentially a nutrient-dense, protein-rich crunch element in a pouch. Nuts, seeds, fried lentils, hemp, buckwheat and other salty crunchy fare zested up with curry or chipotle seasoning is exactly what that well-spiced chili needs.

For more on how Patagonia is changing the food sphere, utilizing fewer non-renewable resources and creating jobs around the globe, check out our Food Republic Today episode with senior director of Patagonia Provisions, Birgit Cameron. Wondering exactly why a clothing company got into the food business? We were too. Check it out here.