U.K.'s BrewDog Releases Satirical Beer To Tackle Gender Pay Gap

Scottish craft beer brand BrewDog is switching things up and making a stand for International Women's Day. The brewery announced yesterday that it's releasing — all in good fun — Beer For Girls Pink IPA. The brewery is transforming the label art for its flagship Punk IPA, and will make it available at BrewDog bars for a month.

Unlike traditionally "pink taxed" items like razors, children's toys, cleaning products, Doritos, etc., the Pink IPA will cost 20% less...but only for women. Men will have to pay full price. Additionally, 20% — the gender pay gap in the U.K. — of proceeds from both Punk and Pink IPAs will be donated to the Women's Engineering Society. Meanwhile in America, 19% — the wage gap in the U.S. — of sales will be donated to 9to5.

On its site, BrewDog makes a point to talk about "lazy targeting" of the female market. Sound familiar? Budweiser announced in 2015 that the company was taking on the difficult task of creating "gender-friendly" advertising for the Super Bowl to include women. In 2016, the big beer conglomerate released another ad that not only insults wine drinkers, but insinuates that women have poor taste in film, only drink wine and don't enjoy football.

BrewDog's release is fueled with witty sarcasm, which we all know tends to fall flat on the Internet. Predictably, Twitter users have already chewed BrewDog, and each other, out over the announcement.